Gosnipe LogoeBay is one of those sites which needs you to continuously monitor the sales listings in order to win a auction and get a product at the lowest prices available. There have been several instances where in we had to open around 20 different tabs and continuously refresh each of those, comparing the final auction bids when we were trying to acquire the Apple iPad through the eBay US. Finally after a lot of wait we had to pay $720 for a product which normally would have cost $499.

There are many eBay Auction Tool which allow you to get alerts on new listings and also on Bin auctions but in this article we are going to suggest you a online web service called as the gosnipe which offers you with features like avoiding bidding wars and also automatically bidding in the last few seconds of your auction.

You do not need to download any software application to your computer because what gosnipe needs is your ebay logins and a email confirmation following which you could easily start winning auctions and save cash in those last minute deals.

Features :

  • Avoid bidding wars and increasing the auction price.
  • Hide your interest in the item by waiting until the last moment to bid.
  • Use bid groups to bid on similar items in tandem. Win one, and done!
  • Cancel your bid minutes before the auction ends.

The best advantage of using this service is that you get a better search interface when compared to the heavily confusing ebay search which gives you a bunch of results which are at times not related too. First you need to search for different listings which are listed along with Price, Bids, Condition, Best Match, Results count and Site ie ebay US, In, Uk etc.

In order to give you a demo we went ahead searching for ‘Windows 7 Phone‘ which tool around 2 seconds and following which there were 8 different results listed as shown below.

Gosnipe Search Results

Next you can right click on any of these results and open in a new tab which would open the eBay listing directly or else click on the goSnipe button next to the search result to proceed with the bidding. You will be shown with a new window on the same web page asking you to enter the Maximum Bid and the Group under which this listing will be added.

eBay goSnipe Bidding

Under the https://www.gosnipe.com/bids/ you would find all your bids which were successfully submitted and which are actually set to be placed at the last minute of the auction. Under the Account Preferences you can set the options like Automatically raise bids to meet increment requirement, Notify me when an item I’ve bid on is sniped & Notify me when I’m outbid on an auction that I’m sniping.

This is overall a very useful and recommended web service which you should opt for if you are a regular ebay bidder and a person who would like to win auctions at a certain expected price range. There are multiple testimonials posted by different users all around the web who claim that they saved upto around 60% by using this service which automatically set the right bids at the right time.

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