Freedom Photography CompetitionThis Independence Day – What does Freedom mean to you?

  1. Take a photograph that portrays freedom
  2. Upload it
  3. Vote for other photographs

The photograph with the highest votes wins the submitter a cool XBox. Register now to upload and vote! to Just upload your photographs and get a chance to win a cool XBox! Get going then!

Now that you have seen and experienced the all new, neat, crisp, socially integrated MSN Homepage, we invite you to take this experience to a whole new level. MSN India is providing ‘you’ an opportunity to shine on the MSN Homepage through a unique online contest; this is your chance to showcase your signature style this Independence Day J. It is the perfect day & the perfect platform to provide you an ‘Independent’ experience online, where you have the ‘freedom’ to showcase your vision of freedom!

All you need to do is let the photographer in you take centre stage. Click a picture that signifies freedom for you, log on to the MSN India Homepage – & upload your vision of freedomJ!! The uploaded photographs will then be up for a democratic vote on the MSN India portal. With over 200 million page views a month on MSN India, you can be certain that your talent won’t go unnoticed!

Apart from churning your creative juices and making you famous, this contest gives you an opportunity to win an XBOX gaming console and to top it all, the winning picture will be displayed on the MSN home page on August 15. So what are you waiting for log on to, get clicking & express yourself!

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