MySpace India Officially Launched IndiHub

Myspace after a huge success in US and all the other countries has launched a Indian section named as Indihub with a party being held at Taj Land’s End Amphitheater, Mumbai today! If you are at a near by place you can gatherup , meet up with other members and create a bigger network.

I had signed up with them a day back : Profile link and to be frank this looked like a boring place to hangout when compared to Orkut because of the excellent features in orkut like adding friends easily, checking out their network, albums, videos etc and in case of myspace i find its something which is mainly targetted towards comments and messaging rather than creating a real network and yes dont forget Tom will be your first friend though no one needs him automatically :p

MySpace India is going to become a real challenge to Orkut, ibibo, Minglebox, Fropper, FaceBook etc

MySpace Indihub India

The buzz has already started and within 2 days there were around 1,00,000 new members in this new socialnetworking place. Make sure you signup now and get connected.

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  2. Dr. Teeth says:

    Thats a wonderful site Amit

  3. Sorry to go the other way but myspace is and will always be a place of spammers. Orkut and facebook have been better than this.

  4. Amit, I wanted to know your thoughts on traffic on my new website. I have about 40 uniques on the website in 6 days of starting it. Is that good or bad?
    Thanks for your help.

  5. amitbhawani says:

    Post your questions @ the forum – where we can discuss about it in SEO point of view.

  6. Degree Dropout says:

    Nice site …but there are lot of social networks out there…what to do with the new ones

  7. Sunduvan says:

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  8. correction: the one lakh members from India exist on myspace India even before they launched the Indian channel. Its not happened in the two days of launch period.

    after all there is just 5 – 7 million active internet users :)

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