Today was a very busy day for me because a newspaper in hyderabad published about Search Engine Optimization and my blog. Last time they posted about HostBrains Web Hosting company which i run and offer web hosting services. This article was posted in the center edition of the Hyderabad edition and this is the section which is read by youth as it consists information about computers, movies & fun. The response had been huge with hundreds of emails dropping in and couple phone calls, its good that i didnt allow them to post my phone number or else you cannot just imagine.

Its basically a article on how someone can make 6 Figure Income Working from Home Online and using Search Engine Optimization. There are thousands of people who are looking for different streams of making money and internet is a very good legal source for the same. You can start making thousands of $ every month with hard work, dedication and passion.

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Amit Bhawani Newspaper Interview

Here is some information of the article in English but there are some wrong statements, which the editor wrote as there are lot more changes in the SEO Industry. Mainly its because the interview was done long back and published now.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, when an SEO is approached, he takes the details of the portals and give the rankings of it in the various search engines( Google, Yahoo, MSN etc ) and also submit the portals in various directories. Also frequently update the contents of the page with the latest info. They also interlink the portals between their other customers sites. Give prominence to the site using meta tags and try getting the site in the first page of the search results.

Computer jobs are no more associated with software or corporate companies; you can even earn the same or even greater income by staying at home. The investment required is also meager. You should only be able to spend some time with creative ideas; you can mint money very easily online. Search Engine Optimizers can earn money easily at the luxury of working from home.

What do Search engine optimizers do?
They optimize different web sites or portals, so that they appear in the top positions when searched through search engines. Hundreds of people in the city are into this field, and some of them are earning a six figure income.

Search Engine Optimization abbreviated as SEO. Ramesh who offers banking solutions had launched a web site but it was not popular and had no web traffic. Ramesh’s friend has suggested him to consult a search engine optimizer. After hiring a search engine optimizer as his website’s traffic increased, his business grew in just one month, after hiring a search engine optimizer. Now –a – days Internet and computer is being used for every occupation and business. There are a billion websites hosted on the net today. You can find millions of web sites for a particular niche/ key word. Business organizations which launched their own web sites are getting the expected results from the web sites due to huge competition. Thus, search engine optimizers are consulted to boost their web traffic and rank of their web site.

How do they do it ?
They take the control panel details of their customer portals and submit it to various search engines ( google, yahoo, msn). They even submit the web sites to web directories. They even keep the web site updated and change the content regularly. They use Meta tags to increase the search engine visibility. Eventually they make sure that the web site is ranks in the top 10 positions for certain key words. “Amit patel” a search engine optimizer in the city said he is being offered a healthy sum for his job.

To get a higher web site rank and good web traffic it is imperative to hire search engine optimizers. They propose competitive and affordable offers to various clients.

If you are from India and need some help in getting everything started, do contact me and i can help you out for sure.

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