Problem : I have a branded Laptop and recently the warranty for service got expired following which i either have to pay for extended warranty period or else try to fix the computer problems myself. Right now there is no sound coming from the inbuilt speakers or external speakers or the headphones when i play some music or movie. This problem has been there from a while and i went ahead restarting the laptop multiple times but this didn’t work. Can you help me out in fixing the Laptop sound issue because i need to get these into working as soon as possible.

Speakers No Sound Laptop ComputerSolution : In this tutorial you are going to learn how to fix all your problems related to sound card, sound drivers etc and make sure that sound is coming from your speakers. You cannot find information about any specific model or brands headphones or speakers but the information here is on general models and speakers which come pre-installed with your computers. These sound related problems can be caused by missed windows updates, incompatible drivers, sound settings, cable connection issues etc.

Hardware Check : This is the first and foremost step you need to perform before getting into any other options. At times there are chances that the cables would have got unplugged or the power adapter has stopped working or may be is not connected to the power plug. To get started first you need to check out your Sound Card, if the card is installed it would be displayed under the device manager. Here is the way to locate them.

Windows XP : Click on Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager

Windows 7 : Click on Start > Control Panel > System and Security > System > Device Manager

Under the device manager you need to double click on the ‘Sound, video and game controllers’ to find all the items listed under this category. If you find the sound card listed and without any error this would mean that its perfectly installed, connected and working. In case of a yellow question mark which means that there is a error you will have to right click on this specific sound card and select ‘Properties’ option. Under General > Device Status > you can find the problems and the solution for this would be updating the drivers.

Cable Connection : The next major step you will have to do is checking out if the cables are properly connected or not. There are normally three different jacks available in both the Laptops as well as the Desktop computers and this is something which confuses many people because they are listed just with icons and its hard to differentiate most of the times which is the reason the external speakers and headphones would not work because of wrong plugging in. The first jack is normally for the Microphone, followed by Line-in & Line-out out of which the later two are normally confused and wrongly used following which there are chances that the sound would not come out of the computer.

Speaker Headphones Audio Jacks

HDMI Cables : If the computer is connected to an HDMI Supported monitors with speakers then you wont be able to listen to the sound because all the HDMI Cables dont support audio signals and this is the very reason you need to set these devices correctly to make them into working. Here is the process to find the way on implementing this :

HDMI CablesWindows Vista & Windows 7 – Click on Start > Control Panel > Search for ‘sound’ and click on ‘Sound’ > Playback > HDMI Device. You will find this under the Speaker icon and the name of the device. Select this and click on ‘Set Default’ followed by OK to change the audio device followed by a computer restart to make this working.

Windows XP – The same above process except the Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices > Audio is directly listed under the Control Panel.

If you have recently installed a new HDMI – enabled card on your computer then it would be possible that the installation software for Video Card is to be installation and this would be found through the installation Disk which would have come along the card.

The final part of your Hardware check would be finding the out the Power & Volume where in its important to check out the Speaker Volume or headphones. This setting is very important for the Laptop users because they have very small speakers and volume output is also low because of which many a times even if there is sound coming out, the user may feel that there is a Sound issue. Even music players like Winamp, Windows Media Player etc have different audio settings where in the user can reduce, increase or mute the volume and if any of these are activated you need to fix them.

If none of the above solutions would fix your problem the next best solution would be downloading the Microsoft Troubleshooter application which is available here. The diagnostic will Diagnose and fix sound playback issues & also Troubleshoot audio recording problems.

Last suggestion would be to upgrade your Windows Operating system to the latest service pack or the latest updates available to make sure that the audio hardware drivers are updated. You can also visit the device manufacturers website, search for the correct drivers and download / install them on your computer. Under the device manager you can easily find the device, right click on it and select the Update Driver option to search the Internet and update them to the latest version available.

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