Nokia Mobile Phone Testing Lab Tour / Series of Tests on Devices

Nokia Labs

Nokia Labs

Most Mobile Phone owners would be anxious to see how their handsets are tested before they are actually released into the markets. Here are a few interesting videos which were taken at the Nokia Labs showing us how all the Nokia Handsets are tested for multiple reasons of breakage ranging from pressing buttons, sliding sliders, actuating hinges, heating, cooling, wetting, drying, dropping, whacking, shaking, rubbing, bending and all the normal practices which humans do on a daily basis and can cause a breakage in their handsets. You can find out the 2D & 3D tests performed on the handset parts when there is a breakage once the test is performed to find out the real reason of the breakage and which part or material has to be replaced. Don’t worry breaking hundreds of mobiles is not a big affair for these companies which sell millions of handsets every month and make big money and for them the most Important aspect is Customer Satisfaction. Check out the Videos below.

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  1. Badootech says:

    Wow , its nice to know that nokia phones are always tested before release…

  2. Nice post and video. Never know that many tests are performed before mobile is released in market.

  3. hello sir i m working on cms like wordpres and joomla from last 3 years . would you please help me by telling that how i can learn the ,eo,, in a best way posible. please

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