Notepad is software which is used for text editing. The files when saved have no format tags or styles, making the program proper for editing system files that are used in DOS. And now there is a new version which has more special functions and it is also portable. You don’t need to have any specific system requirement for this text editor and it is compactable with all the windows from Windows 95 to the latest Windows vista operating systems.

Have you seen the note pad in your pc which is very basic? Then you know what I am talking about. The Notepad++ portable full featured text editor has more option and you can run this on the MS Windows. The notepad++ portable is absolutely free and its use is licensed by the GPL. Notepad++ portable text editor supports several languages. Notepad is written in C++ and it uses WIN32 API and STL. The editing component used is Scintilla (free source code editor). It is also user friendly and uses very little power. The manufacturer says it is mature but still may have some bugs and missing features which are taken into consideration as it shows up. They are also encouraging for the users to translate the notepad++ into their native language.

Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting Notepad++ Docking Feature

The special features of notepad++ portable text editors are the following. Syntax Highlighting, Syntax Folding (C, C++, HTML, ASP, Java, Pascal, and CSS)- This feature displays the source code and fonts in different colors, so that it forms secondary notation and thereby helps the human readers and editors while writing with programming language or Markup Language. Syntax folding helps the user to hide or block text. It has User Defined Syntax Highlighting, Auto-completion, and Shortcuts, Multi-Document, and Regular Expression Search/Replace supported. The other features are Full Drag ‘N’ Drop supported, Zoom in and zoom out, Multi-Language environment support, Brace and Indent guideline Highlighting and Macro recording and playback.

The Language setting helps to change the language by copying the language file of choice from the notepad application and renaming it to the native lang.xml. Then, when the notepad is launched it will open in the language which you have chosen. The application if desired can be kept on top or can be sent to the system tray, can be changed to the required dual font. This Notepad++ portable full featured text editor will fit easily into your flash drive.

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