We have been reading different useful tech tutorials on your blog, and recently came in a very special requirement. We have a few thousand important university material which were written by our students and we would like to publish them online in the form of articles rather than uploading them as scanned images or PDF files. We tried out the method you had published on Extract Text from Images Online but thats going to understand machine printed documents rather but not the handwritten content. Is there any solution for this?

You just need a normal scanner and the Simple OCR software along with the hand written notes in order to get started. Start scanning all those documents the normal way and save files on your computer and then use the Optical Character Recognition software to convert the scanned images to text, word, excel, HTML or PDF format.

Simple OCR Software

Features of Simple OCR :

  • Character recognition accuracy
  • Page layout reconstruction accuracy
  • Multi-engine voting technology
  • Support for languages
  • Support for searchable PDF output
  • Speed conversion
  • User interface
  • Special features for niche projects

The software would be directly able to read the contents of the document or else through the tiff, jpg, bmp format files following which it would process to the validation stage where in the user can format or correct the scanned and converted data using the built-in spell checking software. Next the final output can be saved in either text or doc format.

The application is just around 9Mb and is compatible only with Windows based computers. It works best with normal text and won’t be able to convert multi-column layouts though the normal handwritten data is normally in single column only. The SimpleOCR software is available for free in order to convert the Machine Print while the SoftWriting recognition engine which can scan even non-cursive handwritten notes is available for a 14 days trial period following which you will have to make a payment for the licensed copy.

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