If you run a business online and recieve payments via paypal.com on your website using buy now buttons or directly via email then you also expect some resolutions with your clients at times which is when they Stop the payment via paypal which was already completed. A Party has 45 days of time after sending the payment within which they can go for a Chargeback and try to get their money back if they have any problem with the service/product offered.

Paypal Resolution Cases

All this stuff is stored in the Resolution Center where you can find the list of all the Open & Closed Cases and you can take Action based on the Inquiry by PayPal. In this following screenshot you can find that there is 1 Open Claim which should be clicked in order to find out whats the issue in it and how to get it resolved. Under the Transaction details link you can find the following information.

Paypal Resolution Center Inquiry

The reason for the resolution is not directly given with Paypal notifying that Email was sent to Seller for the dispute is awaiting a reply from me. Click on the button which says ‘Resolve Claim Now’ to complete the process from your end.

Resolve Unauthorized Payment
How would you like to resolve this issue?

I have not shipped the item and I would like to refund the payment.
I can provide proof that the item was shipped through an approved shipper to the address on the Transaction Details page.
What information can you provide?
I can provide online tracking information.
I can upload or fax proof that the item was shipped.
I have refunded the payment for this transaction.
None of these apply to me.

Once you select the right option Paypal will cross check with the buyer and finally close the resolution with the correct solution.

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