PCHand Screen Capture BoxThe most common way to take a full screen capture is by pressing the ‘Print Screen’ button your keyword and in case you need to edit these captured images you will be using a software like Photoshop or Microsoft Paint. Now all this job can be made more easier with the PC Hand Screen Capture software which allows you to quickly edit the captured images. You can download a trial copy and try out the software.

Features :
* User-friendly Interface for capturing
* Flexible Capture Profiles to customize your capturing mode
* Splendid built-in Editor for creating excellent images

We are going to review a full version of this software below. The installation procedure is quite similar like any other software and once the license is activated, you will be shown with a window as shown below.

PChand Screen Capture

Rectangle Capture : This option when selected and clicked on ‘Capture’ will show a small preview on the screen corner along with a option to select any rectangular area on your window screen. Once you select the region, a new window would open which is the Image Editor, showing you some different options to select and make changes in the captured Image as shown below.

Screen Capture Image Editor

Windows Capture : This option allows you to capture windows, which when enabled would show you different frames to be selected. When you select this option and mouse over the computer’s screen different sections are highlighted like the top address bar, main window, task bar etc and based on your selection the capture is completed and you get the same in the Image Editing option.

Windows Screen Capture

Active Window Capture : This option allows you to capture the different software or windows screen which are currently running and are listed in the Windows Task Bar. This is a option which is quite famous in the Screen Capture Software for Windows 7 because once you activate this option and click on the capture button, the next window which is active is going to be captured and the copy of which is shown in the Image Editor of PChand.

Full Screen Capture : This option is going to give you a full screen capture of the current active windows. You can check out the screenshot below to get a idea, though this is just the same function of the ‘Print Screen’ button on your computer.

Full Screen Capture

Scrolling Window Capture : This is a amazing option because it allows you to take a full window capture, even if the content of any application or web page is listed on a long page and you have a scrolling bar to drag it up and down. When i selected the same option and implemented on this blog’s homepage, i got the following screenshot which was 100% clean, crystal clear and perfect with no breakages.

Scrolling Window Capture

Freehand Capture : The freehand capture option is another useful utility because it allows you to take a screen capture of any selected area. This means that you can start selecting any area on any window freely by clicking on multiple locations and once done, the inner selected area is captured.

Fixed Rectangle : This option gives you with a small rectangular area selection box which you can move on any active windows and then click once to capture the selected area. Simple option for capturing a limited area of any window.

Capture Clipboard

More Features & Uses :
* Capture screenshot to build-in editor
* Capture screenshot to clipboard
* Capture screenshot to images (jpg, png, bmp, etc.)
* Capture screenshot to pre-set image format
* Capture screenshot and send via Email
* Capture screenshot to opened Microsoft Word file
* Capture screenshot to opened Microsoft PowerPoint file

You can also add different effects to the captured images and also automatically assign a Watermark to all the saved captured files. Overall a excellent software and a recommended one for webmasters who need these kind of tools in their daily use.

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