Popup’s on websites are bad but this again depends because if these are advertisements then its bad as they could have some inappropriate messages which you have no control on, but if these popups are created and run by you then the chances are that they are safe and sometimes useful to the readers too. We have started displaying Popup box on few of our blogs to grab new subscribers and this cannot harm your visitors because they can easily closed by your visitors if they dont like too, and on the other hand they can even subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed.

Wordpress Popup Scheduler is one useful plugin which has helped us gain double the number of readers and subscribers from the past few months and this is because the plugin is very simple and can be easily customized based on your requirements and your blog theme.

Adding the normal signup box can be easily ignored by the readers but a popup box can remind them about the option of subscription to your blogs feed and make them enter their email. We had also published the success of 10000 subscribers in 2 years which is not bad considering around 13 confirmed sign-ups per day consistently.

Sample Popup Ad Wordpress Plugin

Just install the plugin and activate it from the plugins menu. Next under the Options > WP Popup Scheduler you will find all the options to customize the looks and layout. Here are few of the options :

When to show your popup?
This is one of the most important option because if you start showing the popups on every page reload then this could give a negative impact on your blog readers and they would move to another blog. Its better to select the option of showing it when the visitor comes on a second visit. Though if your blog has a maximum traffic from Search Engines then the chances are the reader would not be mostly coming back, hence you should show the popup box once new visitors has arrived.

Set delay for popup
This option is useful if you would like to show the popup box after a small time interval. May be after 46 to 60 seconds of time which is the time when the visitors has actually started reading the blog post content or would have read it. Normally people set this to 0 for no delay but this could annoy the visitors, better wait and let them read your useful content. Once they complete that you should proceed with the display of popup hence a small delay is considered useful.

Where to show your popup?
Its recommended to select the Visitor landing page option because the percentange of readers who visit the homepage. This would show them the popup box on the same blog post page where they have arrived. You can also set the display position of this popup which we would recommend you to set at the center of the screen which would work perfect on any browser and resolution.

How to show your popup?
This is another useful option because if you select the simple popup option its enough though the light box option is more useful as it darkens the background content and gives main focus on the popup area only.

Rich Text Editor
This section allows you to easily add your email subscription form along with different buttons and content with styles in the form of colors and sizes. Make sure that you set the background color for the popup box instead of default white for more attraction.

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