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One of my Best online Pal – Aditya SFS from Nagaland is in one of his most bad days of his life and if you know the shocking reason you will feel sorry for him and the pain he is into.
His father is ill from couple of months and basically his father is the main person of his family in terms of taking decisions, financially and every other reason. Aditya is working on his dad’s disease’s recovery and we all are in hope that his Dad gets recover’s as soon as possible though the doctor’s say its very rare that his condition may come positive.

Here are some updates Aditya gave to everyone of us –

April 1st 2007 –

My father is suffering a kidney failure case and is admitted to the hospital currently. His condition is very serious. Doctors are trying to control through medicines and dialysis as long as possible and trying to bring his to normal state. He has loosed his senses. We are planning to shift him to delhi Apollo Hospitals as soon as possible for a renal transplant incase it is urgently required. Shifting is another big problem as we are on a remote location and there is no direct flight to Delhi and moving a patient in such a condition to such a long distance is too difficult. Also i am sorry if i dont reply some PMs as i will be offline or away for some time. Also please pray for his good health.

April 3rd 2007 –

Thanks for all prayers and well wishes. There is no good news so far and the another bad news is that, due to heavy blood presuure, he has also suffered a stroke in the brain. (A part of brain not recieving sufficient blood and oxygen). Due to this, he fails to recognize people and is heavily disoriented (doesnt know what is happening around and what is he speaking). Doctors are trying their best so far.

April 4th 2007 –

Thanks for all well wishes, he started gaining his senses today morning. Perhaps out of danger now and can recognise people and speak their names now, though not clearly. It will take him 15 – 30 days for complete recovery of brain. Thanks

April 21st 2007 –

Thank you everyone for all well wishes. Infact the well wishes and prayers worked a lot. He is perfectly okay from outside, the doctors were successful in providing him with temproary relief. The main kidney treatment is still pending but. Perhaps a transplant will have to be done sooner than later.

May 23th 2007 –

hello friends.

its time for god to show his miraculous powers. i started a thread earlier about the sickness of my father. he was taken to christian medical college in south india and treated there of kidney failure. the doctors there fixed the problems and told him to continue some medicines for next six months. we were all happy and returned to our home town near patna in north bihar. after a few days, my father started getting little fever about 101 degF. we called vellore and they told to consult a local physician. the local physician saw him and advices some medicines. but the fever uncontrolled raised to 105 degF. and went uncontrolled. finally it was controllled by giving some strong pain killers which are harmful for kidneys. his skin went red and further black and started wearing out. further the doctor changes medicines few times calling the problem a minor infection and running some antibiotics. but there was no significant improvement in the condition. slowly he lost his senses and started behaving like confused, lost speech and started shivvering hard (shaking chills) and became so weak that started passing tar like stools and urine on bed.

he was carried to a good hospital in patna here and admitted to a ward and further shifted to ICCU (Intensive Critical Care Unit). he was diagnosed by physicians to be suffering from septicimia (bacteremia , sepsis or blood poisoning). along with melena (hematocezia) along with acute kidney damage. all the three deadly conditions. his body is heavily infected.

doctors say that there are less chances of survival though they are trying to control the conditions. but he has developed many complications now and struggling with pain in the hospital. i havent slept for days. i just watch him from glass windows in pain (people are not allowed there). His ear, nose, mouth , teeth, stools, urine and various places of body are bleeding. His body is twisted and completely dehydrated. anyone on this earth will cry out after looking at his body. He is crying in pain .i have a brother 12 years old and a mother. i cannot cry there as i am there to encourage them so that they dont break crying. but things are going out of control. i am feeling totally broken from inside. when i see him in pain , i want to do something but feel helpless. i cried a lot when i was alone in temple. cant tell anyone how much trauma i am suffering.

please ask god to do some miracle and take this pain away from him. take my life away instead.

to know more about exact condition, look at this –


May 25th 2007 –

thanks to everyone for the wishes

two special thanks goes to

1. Vice chancellor of Nagaland University (where my father works as a professor) for arranging necessary finances,

2. Abhinav for extending help in arranging an equipped ambulance to shift my father from delhi airport to AIIMS and further to Apollo Hospitals.

2. To the great and so humble staff of Indian Airlines (airport managers of both the airports) who worked unexpectedly like our own relatives and helped a lot in arranging equipments in the plane to ensure a safe air transfer of the patient

3. Magadh Hospital in Patna to provide necessary equipments, and doctor to carry him safely.

After reaching AIIMS , New Delhi some complications arised as it is very difficult to get admission in AIIMS new delhi. as a result we had to move him to Apollo hospitals.

he was admitted in the Apollo hospitals which is probably the best hospital in Asia. The doctors said that there are only 30% chances of survival. He is suffering from septicimia, pneumonia, kidney failure, internal bleeding, melena, mouth ulcer and completely weak (almost destroyed) immune system.

the main problem we are facing that, though i have enough money currently but the treatment is likely to cost more than 50 Lakhs rupees which is like a huge amount for me (100,000 $ approx.) .

i am trying all possible ways to arrange the finances.


This was all the update recieved from him and iam on continious talks with him on phone, and if you feel you can do something for him please contact him directly( may be for some donations) (or) atleast please pray to god for aditya’s dad’s speedy recovery and hope aditya’s family can handle the whole trauma which is caused because of the heavy finance required for this medication.

Help Aditya for Good Karma

Just recieved a update from one of my friend who went to the hospital today and came to know that aditya’s dad expired today May 26th 2007

Okie Guys I just came back from Aditya’s father Cremation. I am extremely broken to see his father and quite afraid. He was in such a bad condition that i can’t describe. I was with him since afternoon. The most worst part of his mother’s life would be that she couldn’t see her hubby’s face for the last time, becoz the body was not in a position to take back to his city (It was bleeding ). So we had to do the cremation here at delhi only. Anyways it’s life guys and we all must accept it, it’s like “Everyone must learn to bite the bullet”
Thanks everyone for supporting aditya and helping him by donating your hard earned money. I wish everyone Best of luck for your life.

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