Printing poster size images is not easy seriously a tough task from a regular printer at home as it need large paper compatible printer. Something like Facebook Gaint Wall poster or Tumblr Favorite Images Photo poster are professional large photo prints exactly half-size as that of men’s height. These professional prints charges you $20 per print with shipping charges extra.

These are called as Block Posters which are high-resolution photos and they need professional printer. So how would exactly print those at your home for free and without any outsourcing it? Yet this wouldn’t give you 100 % professional look but Block Posters software will pick up a large image and it will divide it in small images which can be printer on A4 sheet and can be adjusted.

Using Image Print Wizard you can print large photos and images on multi A4 size pages as simple as 1 2 3.

Follow here simple steps on how to install and perform the action

1. Download Image Print Wizard from the developer website here.

2. To choose image click on “Load image…” button and import the image from your hard drive.
Print Block Poster

3. Now click on Next and it will then have options for you like Print size setting and scaling settings, more can be found in print settings.Print Block Poster

4. Now you will have all the output parts of image. Print Block Poster

5. Click on Print to start printing page by page of the large photo that you have and will give selected portion to complete the full image. click on Next to view the next half part of the image.

In the above example I have taken a photo which is larger than A4 size. Instead of automatically fitting it to A4 size print out I have divided it into 6 A4 size papers (2 rows and 3 columns), making the photo larger in size and the obtained output result can be then joined on a large chart sheet or maybe you can add your extra idea to make it creative.

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