Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter are among the famous social network all over the world. Many applications and programs have been launched in coordination with those social network intended to serve just one purpose.

Among all the social network Twitter has got many external application made. One good application which I came across is Displays your friends profile pic on Twitter page background.

Recently I came across application which is related to Facebook and lets you create cool Facebook Social PrintShop which you can paste it on your room wall. Now you can have a large printout of all your Facebook friends on your room wall. One of the such Facebook Friends Poster is shown below and the dimensions will depend on the total numbers of friends you have.

Facebook poster
You can print your all of your Facebook friends profile photos into 20 inch by 40 inch poster on Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper printed into high resolution, high quality print poster. You can preview all those settings before ordering the final poster during the process.

You can decide spacing between your friends picture, choose background colors- white, black, two shades of Facebook Blue, margin spacing. You can also include Fan Pages and Facebook Groups too. The poster would really fantastic if you have a minimum of 200 friends and maximum of up to 5000 friends.

There is a charge of $20 for creating the Facebook Friends Poster. They also provides international shipping and handling with freight charges incurred by you. The following are the charges for the courier

  • $ 6 for order booked in US shipping address
  • $ 10 for delivery in Canada
  • $ 15 anywhere else in the world

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