iPrint is a printer software product which can save up to 60% on printing expenses and cost. Moreover, its a eco-friendly software which just not only saves your money but also saves environment. So like if you organization is spending thousands of dollars then you can cut down the cost by 60% without costing you anything.

iPrint 6.0 version features includes

  • Automatically delete unwanted pages
    iPrint saves your time and pages by automatically detecting and removing pages with no content. If you find any additional unwanted pages, you can quickly select them for deletion with one simple click.
  • Print Multiple Pages on Single Sheet
    iPrint most work is done by printing two page in one single page. Not only that you can print two page in one single output page, you can include to print four pages or more than that on a single sheet.
  • Measure your savings
    With this tool you can measure on how much you have printed and how much you have usage using exclusive report.
  • Eco Friendly
    Not only it does saves your money and time but also saves nature.
  • Collect Print Jobs
    It allows you to group together print job & requests from multiple applications into a single iPrint session.

How to Print Multiple Pages on Single Sheet

Out of all the uses mentioned above the only use which is main is printing multiple pages on a single sheet, rest of all are directly related to it. Now how do your print multiple pages on a single sheet using iPrint? Let get into the tutorial.


  1. Open a file and start printing operation, make sure that you have selected iPrint among your printer list.
  2. This will open iPrint page for you, here you have all the pages of that particular file. At the top you would find different options like print, cancel print, two page in one sheet, four pages in one sheet. Click on your required one according to your need.
  3. In the below status bar, I find it highlights Saving: 1 Page which is 50 % of two pages print which I gave. In the above print which I gave the red marked one will be automatically not printed and so it highlighted with red in color with the text ‘deleted’ in the center.
  4. This is it about iPrint.

The size of this software is 8 MB, can be found at any software sharing site and its from the clicktoconvert.com/iprint. Once installed on your PC it will act a interface between print and you. iPrint works for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 environment.

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