Propeller Social Bookmarking WebsitePropeller – one of the top 5 social bookmarking websites was launched on September 19th 2007 which is around 2.5 months from now has now around a million indexed pages as per google. Most of the old stories, posts and content was moved from and here is the propeller launch information

Propeller Million Pages Indexed

The website offers you with high traffic if you hit to the homepage which is handled using a voting system like DIGG, and you need to be a member to make a vote, comment and add a negative vote to the published stories. Currently the website has got 1,00,000 Indexed pages in google search engine and the original website is now redirecting to a subdomain on because these all sites are owned by America Online.

More Stats :
Pages Indexed : 10,00,000
Registered Members : 4,00,000 +
Alexa Rank : ~1800

Propeller Alexa Rank

Congrats again to the whole Propeller Team and their members.

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