Anti-Virus can be really harmful to your computer, but that does not stop the story because there are Spywares which ruin your life by sharing your personal information stored on your computer to 3rd party without your permission or knowledge. This means that all your stored information on your computer like bank information, your website logins or any other personal stuff is accessible to anyone. You need to deal with this stuff asap because they dont harm your computer files like the normal computer virus but it harms your personal data. These Spyware threats should be taken more seriously than virus attacks and you need to find out if your computer is attacked with spywares or not.

Finding if your PC is affected by Spywares :
Computer Spyware ProtectionYou would never install these spyware blockers on your computer unless you are confirmed that your PC is affected with spywares. Here are some ways you can easily find if your computer is affected and its time you need to keep your system safe.

  • Slow system performance can be one good reason for some spywares on your computer because these spywares would run on your computer in background and use your system resources to run their processes.
  • Browsers like Internet Explorer not working and hanging while you are running them. When try to open the IE icon on your computer, the browser starts running but stops in the middle with no error message and then once it loads after a small lapse of time you will find that it will not load any website because there are spywares installed on your computer.
  • You find your internet connection is really dragging and you point the finger towards your ISP feeling that its their problem to increase the broadband speed on your computer and they normally would recommend you to reinstall your operating system because they feel that there is some spyware program installed on your computer which is using your internet connection to distribute the information stored on your computer.

Iam sure you are confused how these spywares would get installed on your computer. A answer to this is that you would normally click on a link to some illegal website which would install spyware on your computer. If not if you try to download some licenced software from a torrent website or free downloads websites, these applications normally come with a spyware within them, which gets installed when you install the main software.

Always download softwares and scripts from well known websites like, , etc which are best source and the downloads from which are always adware and spyware free. Once they are installed on your computer you can see different effects like toolbars and some adult programs running on your computer. Most times these programs would just install a browser toolbar and hijack the search box by showing results from their affiliated search engines while you search using your web browsers.

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