This is the Foremost thing which many Bloggers and Webmasters think when they are starting a new website or a new blog, because before they add good content on their website they start thinking when will google indexed their website and send them traffic. Do you guys really think its that easy to get visitors from search engines without putting in any efforts? Well it may or may not be easy because it depends on lot of factors.

Before you start reading this article you need to know one thing, which is that – When you Register a new Domain Name and start a new website how can the different Search Engines know about it unless you notify them. In order to let the Search Engines find or discover your websites you need to do some small amount of work which does not cost you any money and you need to make sure you dont pay anyone on the web to get your website indexed in the search engines who use seo softwares.

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First thing is to get your website completed with the basic content, say some pages of information with a sitemap and make sure there are no broken links or error pages. You can also submit your websites directly to the search engines though these are some better options available now listed below.

How to Create a Google Sitemap & Submit It
How to Create a Yahoo Sitemap & Submit it
Submit your site to Yahoo
Submit your site to Google

Another option to invite Robots to your website is by linking to it from some other website which is already Indexed and which gets regularly indexed. This way when you get a link from any other website, the robots which visit it, would then follow your new website link and reach your website and then index all your content and store as cache pages which you can check out using different options.

Example : I registered a new domain name for a plan iam having in my mind called as – Registered on 2009-04-27 and no where linked from which is the reason when you do a search in google with the parameters – , you wont find any search engines which means that the new website is not indexed.

You can also check this out here using the Site Command. Search Results

Now since i have linked to the new website from this article, all the robots which will be visiting this blog and this article will discover the new website and visit it and all the pages under it and index it. Thats it you have completed the job of getting your new website indexed without paying anyone. There are many other ways like pinging google , finding if your pages are cached and also use the wordpress ping list if you want to notify numerous search engines whenever your blogs are updated.

Note if you carefully read this article you would find that most discussions are inclined towards Google Search Engine because in my experience of 3 years in Search Engine Optimization i have recieved the most visitors from Google when compared to others.

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