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Rapidshare is one of the bigger file upload and file sharing system on the web. It offers two types of download options ie free service and premium service. The free service comes with a captcha system with cats & dogs in the background of the captcha and time based limited download features. The free users are also given low download speed and are made to wait for sometime between two downloads. Other hand the premium members are given high speed access with downloads upto 2Gb in a single file and unlimited parallel files downloads which means you can download many files at the same time consequently. Direct download features and permanent file hosting is another advantage of premium membership.

Rapid Share Happy Hours

Rapid share is currently offering Happy hours which means you can download without any captcha and instant downloads. This feature is available when there are no much resource usage of their servers and they are having free servers. You just need to select the download server and get started because once this is done your download is activated right away and the file download gets started. This is a real good service for all rapidshare members because generally any business does not offer complete free service but rapidshare does. Keep checking rapidshare’s news blog for more information.

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  1. Pratyush says:

    Its good to see that Rapidshare has removed that Cats captcha challenge. Also heard that now any time is a Happy hour as no more wait or captchas are applicable. As for the speed limits there are softwares/download managers which can increase the speed handsomely (my favourite is Orbit Downloader – a social downloader which can download anything from anywhere).

  2. Wow this is a great news.. Thank god i am out of the cats world..

    There were many times when i couldnt even see what the image was about.. it was tough to copy the code from rapidshare..

    but anyhow now they have done the change and its a good step for them :)

  3. Good information regarding rapid-share happy hour. It is really good news that Rapidshare has removed the captcha . Really informative article. Thank you.

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