Solicall is a software which offers you with special features like noise reduction, noise cancellation and noise suppression with a service where in you can decrease the background noice while making phone calls online. Also called as the Personalized Noice Reduction Technology, its a service which is very important for people using products linked with the Noice environments. While making a phone call you can always find that many other noices are also input into the call from the background area like traffic sound, car horns, office people talks, office noice, key strokes etc.

Voice Recording Software

This technology allows you to reduce these kinds of background noices and offers you with a almost crystal clear voice and a feature to record these calls. There are multiple versions available some of which are for Windows Mobile integrated into any mobile OS like Symbian, Nokia OS (NOS). If you are looking for using this on a Windows based operating system you can download Solicall here

Voice Microphone Voice Test

You can make this service available for most instant messengers by changing the Input Voice Calls settings and getting started. You even get a graph which shows you with a comparision of both the Original Microphone Signal & After Filtering quality.

Here are the settings :

Skype – To set up SoliCall, go to Skype menu: Tools –> Options –> Sound Devices (or Audio Settings if you have the latest version of Skype). Set the Audio In (Microphone) and the Audio Out (Speakers) to “SoliCall Audio Device” and click ‘Save’ . You’ll see the dialog below:

Voice Call Record Skype

Yahoo! Messenger – To set up SoliCall, go to Yahoo! Messenger menu: Messenger –> Preferences –> Calling & Audio. Just set the Microphone and the Speakers to “SoliCall Audio Device”, then click Apply and OK. You’ll see the dialog below:

Voice Call Record Yahoo

Google Talk – To set up SoliCall for Google Talk, click the Settings link. In the Settings dialog select ‘Audio’ on the left side. On the Input – microphone or headset drop down list select “SoliCall Audio Device”. On the Output – speakers or headset, under the subsection Calls, select “SoliCall Audio Device”. Then click OK. you will see the dialog below:

Voice Call Record Gtalk

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