Reliance Netconnect Prepaid Plans & Tariff

Reliance NetconnectReliance is already offering a excellent service on the name of Reliance Netconnect which is available under Post Paid connections. But the good news is that you can buy this service via Pre-Paid vouchers too, which means that you can enjoy high speed internet connectivity with no monthly fixed bills. These vouchers come with a 30 days validity period and are quite affordable too. Check the following table to know the plans.

Pack Price Validity
Broadband+  300MB Pack Rs. 250/- 30 Days
Broadband+  700MB Pack Rs. 500/- 30 Days
Broadband+  1GB Pack Rs. 715/- 30 Days
Broadband+  3GB Pack Rs. 935/- 30 Days
Broadband+  5GB Pack Rs. 1,210/- 30 Days
Broadband+  10GB Pack Rs. 1,379/- 30 Days
Broadband+  15GB Pack Rs. 1,925/- 30 Days

In order to avail these services you need to first buy the USB Modem for 3500Rs fees which comes with Lifetime validity. The prepaid offer gives you a minimum speed of 256kbps guaranteed.

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  1. Pavan Somu says:

    thanks amit.. me wanna take net connection in a month.. this post will be helpful for me to compare with other providers

  2. Prakaash Jumaani says:

    All guddy-good…?? Not at all. The donkey has to be shown the carrot you see. What you don’t write is that this USB modem costing Rs.3500/- is available in the open market at a retail cost of just Rs.1000/-.. The wholesale import cost from China (of course) is under Rs.500 for Reliance. Imagine the maths of clean profit @ Rs.3000/- per connection. The carrot has never failed my friend…

    • Amit Bhawani says:

      Well thats Business my dear friend, if we were able to import this stuff directly and if we could directly connect to the internet, they why did these companies start offering there services. Iam not here to support reliance, but iam supporting on the best service providers when compared to others who also charge similarly.

      • “i am supporting on the best service providers” is bull shit.

        I will prove it. the worst service i got reliance.
        They will need at least 4 days to resolve small issues.
        I strongly suggest guys who need to avoil net connection all the time dont go for it. If you call the cust care tey will say like there are more number of connetctions are using net in your area it there are already more number in my area why those guys are proviced me the coneection.

  3. which is the best data card in karnataka.i need your sugestion for this confusion….

  4. Can you give me rates for rworld & internet charges for CDMA, as it is not available on reliance website.


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