Google Maps CarI had listed my Business Address at the Google Maps which is now displayed in both Google Maps Street View & also in the Google Earth software. While am ok with the Business Listing because it helps in branding along with some extra clients, the Home Address listing which is automatically added by the Google Mapping Car is becoming a privacy concern because it clearly shows my home details with a high quality view and i wanted to know if its possible to remove this. I tried to search my Home Address in the Maps website and viewed the listings page but could not find any direct option to delete the same. Is there any option to perform this step and help me hide my address from Google Maps? – Jennifer from US

Process on Removing Location Listing Added by us : First of all its always recommended that you add all your Business Address on the Google Maps and all the other Mapping Services like Live Maps, MapTell etc all of which can help you in getting business easily. Now in order to list any address to the Google Maps, you need to login to the Local Business Center and perform a small procedure which we had discussed earlier here.

Google Maps Listing Statistics

The Local Business Center would also give you Listing Statistics with information on the Total Impressions, Total Actions in the form of clicks, Top Search Queries and options to Improve your listing. Also the Search Nearby option would also display your location listing sometime. Though all this information is applicable when you had added the Map details but if the Google Maps Car had taken your Home Photo then you need to perform the following process.

Process to Remove House in Street View of Google Maps : In this section we are going to deal with the removal of any object from the Google Maps which includes your own Photo, house, pet, car etc. Google uses the Satellite view for most of the countries in order to get the locations snaps, but for locations in US, the Street View option allows anyone to view in 3D format along with almost real quality locations in detail. Hence for this process Google has been using different options like the Google Street View Car, Three Wheeler Bike, Snow Mobile Bike, Mini Van etc all of which run at different locations based on the environment and the needs as shown below.

Google Maps Snow Mobile Google Maps Bike Google Maps Vehicle

You need to find the correct location of the area using the Google Maps and report it as mentioned below.

  1. Go to Google Maps.
  2. In the Search field, type the street where your house (or activity) is located and press the Search Maps button.
  3. On the left side of the map you will see a vertical bar used to zoom in and out. You should also see a little icon representing a yellow man. Drag this icon to the place on the map where you house is located. This will enable the street view mode.
  4. Now, on the picture, on the left bottom side of it, you should see a link named “report a problem” which is quite blurry but you can find it easily. Click it.
  5. Next you will find a new Window opened on ‘Report Inappropriate Street View ‘ which will ask you to select any of the options displayed there, from which you need to ‘Click Privacy Concerns’. The options would be on Privacy Concerns > A face, My house, My car / a license plate, Inappropriate Content > I have found offensive content, such as nudity, in this image, This image presents privacy concerns to me, I am reporting an error in Street View such as a misplaced image, wrong address or misaligned navigation arrows etc
  6. At this point you have three option. You can ask Google to remove your face, your car or your house from Google Street View, select the right one and report the same which will complete this process and fix the problem

Google Maps Report Inappropriate Image

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