We are going to show you a small tip using which you can save a good amount of money while managing your Aweber newsletter system. Aweber charges you for the total email list based on the count and if you have many emails addresses listed under the Unsubscribed, you will have to remove those to save the monthly recurring fees.

To get started you will have to click on the Subscribers option, followed by clicking on the Search option under the drop down list.

Search Subscribers Aweber

Next under the ‘View Segment’ drop down list, click on the ‘Unsubscribed’ option. This will display you all the list of email address who have unsubscribed from your list but are still listed under your emailing list.

Unsubscribed Email Address

Check on the last option under ‘Erase’ and then click on the save button to completely remove all of these email addresses.

That’s it from now on you will be charged only for the active email addresses on the billing cycle. Enjoy sending email newsletter. We have also created a small video demo of these steps which can give you a clear idea on how to perform this task and save up a good amount of money every month while sending emails.

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