How do i rename some files in my computer without using any confusing software and without the use of any tool and save up my money? I have several photos taken using my digital camera and most of them are saved as some DSCxxxx format and i want to label them in a better way. Is there a solution for this?

If you are on a low disk space and dont want to install any new software for performing tasks like renaming multiple files of the same file format here is a very small windows based trick which can help you out. Just move all these files to a new directory and then select the display mode of that directory to list view. This option allows you to view all the files in a directory in a very small area enabling you to easily select the required files which you want to rename.

Directory List View

Now right click on your desired files either by selecting all or by selecting some files using the ‘Ctrl’ button and then right click and select ‘Rename’. The very next moment you will be asked with the new name on a single file which when you enter will be renamed and all the selected files in the same directory would also get renamed with the same name with the suffix of a number in a bracket. check out these screenshots to see how the renamed files look like.

Files before Renaming – Files Before Renaming
Files after Renaming –    Files After Renaming

Note the only problem in this is that after the renaming procedure you cannot undo this for more than 10 files and hence you should make sure you have a backup of the files if you want to have the real filenames for future use.

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