Problem : Hey Amit, i have a YouTube which i mainly used to access some videos which need us to be logged into the account and also use it to add comments on others videos. I recently found a interesting video which you had published on Facebook India, but was not able to comment and the reason for this was that by mistake my account was deleted and now is there any way to restore this?

Solution : You don’t have to worry because you can easily create a new account using a different email address but if you are still looking for restoring the same deleted account, you will be able to perform this task easily.

To get started you will have to visit this link which is the contact page for Youtube Help. Here you will find many different options to select. Next there will be a list of different options displayed on the screen where in you will have to click on the ‘Reopen account’ option. This will show you a link to a ‘Contact us’ page. Click on this and you will be asked – If you’d like to reopen your account, please provide the requested information below.

Youtube Account Issues Contact

Note: Your account information such as videos and comments will NOT be restored. Please make sure the username you’re entering is not invalid or suspended. You can check this by going to the following URL after replacing ‘USERNAME’ with your username:

You will be asked to enter your YouTube username and Your email address with which you account was previously linked to. Following this YouTube team would restore your account and give you the access back.

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