Nokia PC Suite or OVI Suite is the official software which is used to connect your Mobile Phone with your computer and Synchronize the data. The very same way all the Samsung Smart Phones can be synchronized with the computer using the Samsung Kies application. You can download the same from the website and install it. During the installation process you will be asked to select the country and language based on which the preferences will be set.

Samsung Kies Installer

Next you will be asked to select the location where you would like to install the software on your computer. The next step would ask you to select if you would like to install all the widgets or else selected products like Mobile Phone, MP3 Player & DVD and this is useful if you own just a single product from Samsung and you would like to sync and use that single device. Under this you can select individual apps for the selected product and continue with it.

The installation procedure would take a few minutes to complete and install all the addons along with downloads directly from the samsung server following which you can enjoy features like Drag & Drop facility send files from PC to Mobile Phone.

Samsung Kies Installer Software

Once the software installation is completed you will find a excellent interface with multiple options giving you a layout like Mac OS X Dock. Next in order to start the software you will have to connect it the Mobile Phone with the computer using the USB Cable and the software supports upto 4 device connections.

If the device is connected to the computer using the USB Cable, the Kies application would automatically detect the device and try to recognize it. The connected device would be displayed on the KIES Interface as a Icon on the top right corner and this can be easily synchronized.

Connect Samsung Device Kies

Following is a screenshot of the Kies Interface which can give you a idea on how the whole application looks like once its installed on your computer.

Samsung Kies Application

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