Samsung has a Global Program by the name “Mob!lers” where in on an average there are 20 bloggers / creative people who are invited to join this program and given some exclusive entries to product launch events and International trips. If you remember I have had received the Global Award at Seoul and following that have been invited to major events in India.

The program has two options : Reporters & Promoters

Reporters : If you are invited to a event as a Reporter, you will always be invited to the Product Launch event / Unpacked Event and would be asked to wear their Mob!lers Tshirt for the Group Photos and for the Meetings which were happening at the same hotel where we were staying. This was informed prior to the events itself about which you can find below. At the Unpacked event you would get the Partner Pass to get the entry and you also get a 3G SIM Card during the trip to cover the event and stay connected with everyone.

Promoters : You are in short going to work with Samsung during the IFA for a short period and would be handling the booths by showcasing the devices to the visitors. You would be given all the perks along with a Uniform to wear which is compulsory and if you are not fine with this you can always report back to the agency and opt to not join at the event. You would also gett a subsidy/daily allowance for expenses which is not confirmed but is around high xxx Euros for spending during the event. You would get access to the devices a day in prior to the actual event and would be given detailed information / presentations around those products and you will also be taught on the packing of the devices and related stuff.

The Reporters were invited for a 3 days trip while the promoters were invited for a weeks time because they have had to stay during the IFA at the booth which is their job. There is also an Internal Facebook group between the Samsung International Mob!lers where they keep publishing about all the activities happening around and everyone was clear on whats their job and whats expected at IFA.

Here is a Copy of the Emails which were sent to us by the Global Agency which was handling this specific event which clearly shows that the Agenda was sent to everyone a week before the event and if someone was not interested to abide with, they could always cancel their trip.

Emails Samsung Agency

The General Information file which is embedded below was sent to Promoters & Reporters, has all the time schedule, information on the accommodation and also the dress codes, along with this the Reports were clearly told that they would be leaving back on 1st, while the promoters would be staying back for a longer duration.

If someone mentions that they were not informed about this, then its clearly wrong because everyone in the group were CCed and everyone knew about Promoter Activities. Along with this they were still given a choice to become a Reporter and join the IFA event if they didn’t wish to continue as a Promoter.

Mobilers Information & Dress Codes

There is always an Second Side of the Story and this clearly shows that Samsung invited Reporters to experience the event, while promoters promote their products which is why they were called Promoters. If someone have had a problem with “Promoters” then they could have never boarded the flight and started complaining later. You cannot expect Samsung to spend around 5000 Euros [estimated] on a promoter and just expect him to never be with the group and enjoy his stay, because he is not a guest but a Promoter for this event. The Reporters were actually more like guests invited to this event, because they could anyway watch the event live from their home but Samsung wanted to offer them something better & real.

Note : Iam not a Samsung Fan Boy and this article is just to publish a few facts around the current incident which is being shared on the web [The Next Web]. Also i was a Reporter from India who was invited and was asked to wear the Tie Bow at the Unpacked event to ensure that the whole group looks like a team in black suits, and we all were at IFA for some fun, interaction between other mobilers and also for getting an experience of the devices long before the others could get the same which is more like an opportunity for Tech Enthusiasts.

Samsung Mobilers IFA 2012

Update : Samsung has responded to the issue regarding blogger [Clinton Jeff] who was stranded in Berlin and was offered return tickets by Nokia.

Samsung Mob!lers is a voluntary community of active Samsung mobile device users, who are offered the opportunity to participate in our marketing events across the world. At these events, all activities they undertake are on a voluntary basis. No activities are forced upon them.

We regret there was a misunderstanding between the Samsung Mob!lers coordinators and the relevant blogger, as we understand he was not sufficiently briefed on the nature of Samsung Mob!lers’ activities at IFA 2012. We have been attempting to get in touch with him.

We respect the independence of bloggers to publish their own stories.

There is still no update from Samsung regarding the blackmailing. If Clinton have had opted not to do any activity, why did they act the bad guy way and offer him a option to either wear the uniform or pay the trip by himself. They could have clearly offered him a return ticket and opted to never contact him instead of expecting this bad press.

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