SBI Credit Card holders in Mumbai were in utter shock when they were given a option to buy a discounted iphone using their credit cards and they can use it on any mobile network around the country which means its a unlocked iphone in India.

SBI Credit Cards IndiaThis was a advertisement sent by SBI Credit cards in tie-up with Deals4all – a online indian shopping mall and the offer seems completely illegal, because Apple officially does not offer unlocked iphones and SBI being a very big nationalised bank from India has made tie-up with this kind of offer. Apple iPhones are not yet officially available in india and are expected to be available with the tie up with HCL or else they would open their own Apple Store in India

Recent Update Policies from Apple :

1. Apple Limits iPhone to 2 per individual : Apple has now limited their iphone to just two per individual because of the 20% sold phones being unlocked which is what they hate. Apple has sold approximately 1.4 million iPhones Q4 out of which approximately 250000 were unlocked which apple didnt like and that is when they decided not to sell more than 2 iphones to any individual.

Unlocked Iphones IndiaTo keep away the unauthorised resellers they have brought in a new policy that they will accept just credit card and debit card holders who want to purchase a iphone and no cash will be allowed to buy this excellent phone.

2. Unlocked Apple iPhones wont be offered warranty and the device would be irreparable.

Though the SBI officials in India have confirmed that they are not linked with deals4all regarding this Apple iphones but they are just limited to the credit cards deal. The officials from deals4all cleared lied when called quoting that Apple authorities are going to Unlock iPhones for them which is completely baseless comment. Earlier Wipro Technologies and HCL Infosystems were expected to be iPhone distributors/resellers in India but still nothing has been confirmed and i personally feel that Imagine store in bangalore and gurgaon will be the first sellers of Apple iPhone because thats the only store currently which sells Apple Macbook in India.

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