Whenever you take a nice snap in your Apple iPhone you would be looking to take a print out or else transfer this photo to your computer and for this either you need to sync the photos or else transfer the photo via email to your computer. Here is a small tutorial on how i did this process.

First of all i went to the settings option of my iphone and seleted the ‘Mail, Contacts & Calendars’ option, where in you have the option to Add Account… , which you need to click and select the email client which you mainly use out of the available options like Microsoft Exchange, mobileme, Googlemail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL and others. I selected the gmail service and added my email logins after which it was authenticated and then the name of the email was listed under the Accounts menu.

Here in you also have the option to change the Mail settings with a option to show 25/50/75/100/200 Recent Messages, number of lines you can preview, font size of the emails and other options. You can set these up based on your requirements.

Add Email Account Apple iPhone Send Photo iPhone Email

Next access your Photos section and select the photo you want to send as a email, click on the specific photo and you will find a small arrow on the left-bottom which when clicked would ask you to either ‘Use as Wallpaper’ , ‘Email Photo’ or ‘Assign to Contact’. Here select the email photo option, which asks you the email address of the reciptant, Cc/Bcc & subject which you need to fill in and click on send. If the internet is connected the photo is sent as a email attachment instantly to the specified email with your email which you assigned under the settings.

Thats it , you are now able to send in your beautiful snaps you took with your iphone directly to your email and send it to your friends and relatives.

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