Many Bloggers and Webmasters add images to their blogs within their content area and just use the available options in the CMS for adding Images without any deep look into the SEO part which is very essential. Google Image is a very big referrer to me for the traffic i receive for most of blogs and i make sure that the ALT & TITLE Tags are correctly set for my wallpapers websites because for websites where Photos & Wallpapers are the major part of content, we need to make sure they are optimized in the right way.

Images ALT Title SEO TipsPreviously we had posted Google Images SEO at our SEO Blog but i mainly recommend everyone to emphasize more the Tags because they help you a lot in better indexing and rankings.

I generally recommend everyone to use FTP Software to add Images to their blog because they can easily control and manage the images, since they are all located at a single place, rather than the ‘Add an Image – Add media files from your computer’ option which is available under your blog’s post section. When you add a image using a FTP software you will have to upload the image the way you upload any other normal file but at the end you will have to add the location within a HTML <img> tag.

Here is the code which i add when iam planning to insert a image in a blog post.

Basic Code :
<img src=”Image location”>

Tweaking it for SEO :
<img src=”Image location” alt=”Image Name” Title=”Image Name”>

In the above code you will find two new extra Attributes added in the same code inserted within the IMG Tags and these can help you a lot, because of the following reasons.

Alt – Specifies an alternate text for an image
Title – Specifies extra information about an element
Src – Specifies the URL of an image

There are many other Attributes like Width, Height, Border etc but the above listed 2 are the most important ones and can help your images rank better in the Search Engines. Linking to related articles from these Images is also helpful and you can use the following code for the same.

<a href=”Article URL”><img src=”Image URL” alt=”Image Name” Title=”Image Name”></a>
Hot Sexy Girl

Always use atleast 1 image in your articles, because they give a better look to your blog along with the visitor getting a quick idea about the article looking at the image itself. Adding related image is very important for your article rankings and Image rankings because there is no point showing a sexy celebrity image between a article in order to attract visitors , because its a irrelevant image added. Keep reading our SEO Blog at for more related guides!

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