It’s not that easy to optimize a web site accordingly to get visitors and one has to have a commitment and correct Search Engine Optimization of their sites.

Often we have seen eCommerce sites offering a little useful content, dry manufacturer products title & description, very poor internal linking and no unique user-generated content. And when an SEO expert is assigned to do an SEO for eCommerce sites he has a unique challenge as that of doing SEO for WordPress hosted blogs.

Listed below are the few tips that has to be followed while optimizing an eCommerce sites –

1. Specific Meta Keywords & Description

The task of meta coding is done by the web developer and it noted that 90% of the web developers will only put general meta keywords for whole the blogs which is unique for all the items that you have listed.

Instead of same meta keyword for all the items, specific tags are necessary as because 90% of the users online will search out for what they actually want in search engine. For example – they won’t go for “printer cartridges shop online” or “buy printer cartridges online” instead they will search out for specific cartridge model wise search like “buy HP 21 cartridges” or “Refill HP 21 cartridges” and more specific is “HP 21 cartridge online”.

By listing each of the products in your online store with the specific product related meta keyword you would have higher chances of having unique products hits instead of users visiting your homepage and which is what you want, i.e., you want users not to browse your site and look out for products to choose but you want user who visits the specific item which are looking.

2. SEO Link Building

SEO link building is an important steps for submissions of your links to relevant websites. This is quite important because imperfect link building may result in permanent ban of your site in search engine and we have seen Google often doing it that where it matters the most. One has to really take care of subscription to paid link submissions which may hurt your site reputation unless you have professional team for the work. Also search engine has limitations per month on how many links you get, so its better to keep limited targets on links that you get through link building.

3. Public Relations

In the recent times, doing public relations is like link building where you leave a link on the publishing sites so that they can visit your site since you have a good public image as an expert in that product. However, its more important that your leave a link to deeper link of that specific product that you are discussing. For example- If you are writing on sharing internet or DVD between two PC, you would be providing an article which will explain how this is done and then you would be leaving a link back to the page which is selling this product. This can be better understood by Amkette Flash Link device used for PC to PC data transfer, internet sharing and DVD sharing which can be found out it Amkette Online Store.

4. Relevant & Regularly Updated Content

This is quite important SEO requirement for an eCommerce site. The reason why the blogs get quickly indexed in Google is that they have timely published content which is updated regularly and so SEO bots are always back to crawl those pages.

In relevance with eCommerce sites, if meta keywords and meta description are not up to date then your content in the site is not up to the mark. This can also impact marketing and can get a negative image from the point of view of the users.

Large content always attract search engines but its important that you update your site will regular content.

5. Avoid Manufacturer Product Descriptions

While doing Off Page SEO it would definitely hurt your site if you use copy pasted manufacturer product description from the website. A best thing would be to re write the description in a way to make it more unique and appealing.

6. Product Based URL

Each of the webpage that you design has a unique page link. Well optimized SEO sites have permanent link which clearly indicated what would be content on that page before actually visiting the link. Its better to have instead of

All in together, it’s completely dependent on the web developer on how he constructs your site and it should be reminded to him of this work or else he will surely skip it because he will look out for simple way to construct your blog which saves his time. Before you instruct him, make sure of the above listed steps.

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