Facebook LogoSince its start as an online networking site, more business has found Facebook as opportunity to market their products and services. Amongst its many features, the fanpage has become a popular trend and even an official online presence secondary to a company or brand’s main website.

With its massive user base amounting to millions and the many options within the site to use as viral tools from the News feed section to the Invitations, Events, Messaging features which are effective in distributing content within the site, several tactics can be used in order to make your company or brand’s Fanpage a successful SEO tool.

This article will discuss and give you the steps on how to maximize the use of your Fanpage and optimize its use as an SEO tool.

10 Facebook Strategies enabling your Fanpage to get maximum or top search results:

  1. The Facebook Fanpage name is more effective when you use your Brand name. Ensure that the name resembles and represents your business well. Avoid generic and commonly used words in order to get unique hits. It would also be best not to revise your Brand name of Fanpage name in order to maximize its SEO potential.
  2. The Username is also another thing to consider and it would be best to select the most effective one and it would be quite critical to register your Fanpage address or URL at the start. To register a unique URL (or vanity URL), click HERE and register or enlist your preferred Username. Ensure that the keywords used and the main brand name to be used as the URL will not appear to be related to any spam related schemes or existing brands or titles already enlisted in the web. You may do a quick search online for this as Facebook already blacklists a number of URLs that may appear as spam.
  3. Consider incorporating or installing Static FBML applications and making extra boxes and tabs. Instead of just settling with the normal provisions in Facebook like wall, info, photos and other base elements, incorporating additional sections will enable you to publish more content and level-up the optimization of your Fanpage. By placing in more content like text, links, images and videos, there are better chances of search engines like Google to track your page and lead the potential market straight to you.
  4. Utilize the “About” text box to maximize the exposure of your Fanpage. This is located just under your profile picture and can be utilized by placing important keywords and phrases that will best describe your business or brand. This is quite important because this section has the highest CSS structure in the Fanpage enabling search results to be thrown your way. Be sure to place precise keywords as the allowable space would be a maximum of 250 characters.
  5. Another tool that can best drive the Fanpage to maximize its potential for SEO would be the “Info” tab. Ensure placing precise and detailed information about your page or in technical terms, metadata. Placing as much information on the provided fields enables you to indicate keywords links to your main or other websites which will create a higher rank for your page when it comes to hits via various search engines.
  6. Maintain your Fanpage regularly by placing in new content such as Status Updates, Events, Wall Posts, Photos and other content that will flag your network for updates regarding your brand. By posting generic keywords for your content or brief events will attain better visibility for your page when done via Facebook search.
  7. To further enhance your page’s ranking via Google, you may opt to attach YouTube Videos being that it is also owned by Google, it’s search algorithm will gain you the highest factor for rankings in the search engine affecting your page hits positively.
  8. Make the most out of links by placing them directly on your Fanpage’s stream or wall status. The links can be for your main or other websites that will help enhance the link score for your page. You must keep in mind though that it should not be overdone.
  9. Be more detailed when posting by placing captions on photos and describing events placing effective keywords for SEO purposes and make your page interesting as well. Other options for this would be branded events with relevant descriptions and a discussion forum so your page can be better indexed by Google.
  10. Inbound links for your Facebook Fanpage will boost your page ranking. Increasing this can further upgrade your ranking by incorporating direct links into your website or placing “Find us on Facebook” buttons or badges. There is also a Fan Box tool or widget tools for Facebook pages which will you can place in your website and will allow viewers to click a link leading them to your Facebook Page. You can use the link building tools available at Linknami.com to get more links to your fanpage.

These are just some tips to help upgrade your Facebook visibility page particularly in search engines that will surely take your Fanpage to the next level!

About the author: Andreas Horch is a professional search engine marketing consultant with over 10 years experience in the internet marketing industry and CEO of Linknami.com, which offers online marketing and advertising tools for webmasters, seo’s and small businesses.

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