The Samsung Galaxy S comes with a mobile tracker software by default which is not activated, as you need to register your phone and account with the Samsung online website. Only then the option works and your phone goes more safer, as the Mobile tracker is one of the best options to use when your phone is stolen or lost. Here is a brief info about the app –

The Samsung Dive mobile tracker is something that helps you remotely work on your phone when it is stolen. The online website of its helps you in remotely swiping the phone and delete delete your private data. Though this service is not available in India, a few features of its work, like prompt SMS sending when the phone is used with any new SIM than that which was used to register with the mobile tracker. The app also helps in getting the location information of the phone.

Here is how you can set up the Mobile tracker in your Samsung Galaxy S mobile
Go to applications > settings section in the phone. A list of settings open as shown below. Select Location and Security tab in it.

Scroll down in the menu in Location and Security, and you will see a section for Mobile tracker. Here you need to hit the “Set Mobile Tracker” option which will set the mobile tracker recipient and control the remote phone that is activated. It will take you through the process of registration and set-up of the mobile tracker.

The first thing you need to set is the mobile tracker password which would be asked to you or anyone who changes the SIM in the phone. It has to be of 8 digits and all numeric characters in it. You need to remember this password for always, as it can get your phone locked if you forget it and type the wrong password multiple times.

After you set the password, you need to add recipients to whom the phone sends an SMS from the new SIM to notify/alert them about the changes made in the phone.

galaxy tracker add recipient Galaxy select recipient

Set the information of the sender, i.e. the Sender name and the message to be sent to the recipient. And then agree to the terms.

Galaxy S mobile tracker sender info Galaxy S agree terms

Login through your Samsung account, and if you have not registered to it, you can do that for free online by registering the product. And then you would be directed to the mobile tracker settings where you can change any recipient or make changes in the samsung account.

Galaxy S mobile tracker account Galaxy S mobile tracker setting

After everything is setup, go back to the Settings section, and into the Location and Security section. There you have to check the “Mobile Tracker” option, so that it is activated.

* If at all you have reset your phone through the factory reset option, all the information in the Mobile tracker is lost. You need to set it all over again.

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