Lets say you are in a situation where in you have a few techie friends at your home and they are looking to connect to your wireless internet connection. Its a bad idea to offer them your secured wifi logins because there are chances they would change the logins or else would share the same with your neighbors. Hence its better to create a temporary type of guest wifi logins which can be accessed for a few hours following which you can easily disable the same once your friends have left.

First you need to access the routers setup or customization section located at http://router/ and then enter the login to access it. By default this is blank, so submit the button and continue towards the settings. Do make a note that the Guest Access offers full usage of the Internet Connection but disables them to access the internet network, Wireless LAN and LAN and this feature is available on the 2.4 Ghz only.

Router Wireless Guest Access

Next you to need to click on the ‘Enable’ Guest Access option and also select the Cafe-Style option which would normally show your connect as a Unsecured Connection because the router has to transmit a web page to the connecting system asking them to login to the network with the Password (PSK). Under the other settings you can set the Logins like Network Name (SSID) which will be displayed under the ‘Wireless Network Connection’. Once all the settings are correctly set, you need to click on Apply Changes to make the settings active.

Now if you visit the Wireless Center you will find the new connection available for anyone to access who has the access to your logins.

Wireless Network Connection

This creates the wifi network for your guests within 5mins of setup around the Routers Settings Section.

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