Google Picasa allows you to automatically sync all the Photos which are stored on your computer to the Online Server hosted by Google. This means that you don’t have to pay any money for the services because Google Picasa allows you to store all your Images for free of cost. You just need to download, install this software on your computer and then perform the following once you run the application. The Picasa Application when run for the first time on your computer would ask you to select one of the options to scan the Whole Computer or Personal Document Folders for Images and displaying them on its Interface.

Next you will have to click on the link available on the top right section of the software which says – ‘Sign In to Web Albums’ following which you will be asked to login to your Google Account. Picasa would ask you to Register the service with your Google Account and accept the TOS. Once this is done, the website will direct you to the Picasa Web Albums using which you can upload Images in your Account and share them. If this is not done, you won’t be able to Login to your Picasa from the Desktop because a error would display saying ‘Your Account is Not Registered’.

Picasa Web Albums Sync

Picasa does not directly upload all the Photos which are displayed on the software automatically because this would use a lot of space in your account and your Internet bandwidth too. Hence, beside every album or folder in the software you would find a option to sync. Click on the small button available on the right side of each folder – ‘Sync to Web’. Which will display a options window to select.

Sync Album Web Picasa

Once the Synchronization is completed, a new album is displayed in your account with the folder name saved as the Album Name along with the date when the photos were spanned and the total number of photos stored in it.

Picasa Web Albums

That’s it now all your personal photos would be stored securely with Google which you can access from any location and even share the same. You can also create a personalized URL like this –

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