Finally after years there is now a device which can help you in taking HD Videos, Movie Editing on iPhone and also which allows you to easily create wifi hotspot on your device. The only problem with the official iPhone tethering is that AT&T officially charges monthly fees and then only allows you to share the Internet with your Laptop or iPad while there are jailbroken applications for people who have already jailbroken their devices. Previously the MyWi Application was only supported for a few devices but now its supporting all the 2G 3G & 3GS Applications along with the ones which have updated Operating systems ie 3.1.1, 3.1.2, 3.1.3 & iOS4.

Tether iPhone Internet

The Application is available at the Cydia and Rock Store at a one time cost of 9.99$ which does sound a high price but well if you compare the features like unlimited tethering along with no monthly payments this would be the best app one should have for their devices. You also don’t have to buy a iPad 3G because its very simple to connect with your iPhone and tether the Internet access.

It takes not more than 3 minutes to jailbreak the iPhone if you are using jailbreaking tools like Spirit which just needs you to have updated your device and then run the tiny application on either Windows or Mac. Then you will have to access the Cydia or Rock Extensions and search for the MyWi under the search section. Next you will have to just setup the application to create a WiFi hotspot which would allow you to connect to any device which supports wireless internet connectivity.

Finally another best reason why should someone buy this application is that it displays you the bandwidth usage which means that if your iPhone is in a limited data usage plan or else if its on a high costing data plan then you can continuously monitor the up and down of data on the device homepage itself. Do make sure that you have setup WEP Key to make sure that the wifi connection is secured and Wifi theifs cannot access your connection.

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