We have discussed about atleast a dozen different applications and online tools like PC Hand, Screenshot Captor, Tweeshot, Collabshot, Grab Them All, Screengrab for Firefox & aviary.com which would help you in easily capturing your desktop screenshots, but here is one of the best application which would allow you to capture screen area and upload it online.

There are many services where you would like to share your screen captures like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut or may be through Instant Messaging services like Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk etc. But the main problem for this is that you would have to first capture the screen area and then use Image hosting services like Twitpic, Yfrog, ImageShack etc and then get the URL to share. One of the best shortcut for all these tasks is that you should try out Screensnapr which is a very nifty application allowing you to share instant screenshots.

Once you download the application, there is no need to install the same and it would start running in the status bar of your Windows based computer. Following this when you right click on this you would be shown with different options of selecting the file or image hosting server, selecting the monitor to capture in case of Dual-Monitors, selecting the option to automatically shrink the capture uploaded URL.

ScreenSnapr Options

When the tool is running on your computer, you need to press the keyword combination of ‘Ctrl+1′ and following this the tool would show you a option to select any area on your screen. Once you have completed the selection of the screen area the same would be instantly uploaded to the screensnapr server and the file location of the same would be stored on your clipboard which you can directly paste on your browser’s address bar or share with your friends through IM or social networking websites.

Video Demo :

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