What's your choice?Apple iPad comes with the biggest shortcoming when it comes to organizing, sharing and transferring of files. So what if Apple couldn’t deliver, there are always third party apps to provide the greater flexibility and ease to deliver on the missing.

In this post, we will review the 3 most popular third party applications Drop box, file browser from strato spherix labs and also connect mobile suite from Quick office’s desk which will make your work lot easier.

The main and also the biggest problem with i Pad is that it does not come with anything like explorer in Windows or even finder in MAC. So accessing the user data centrally becomes quite a difficult task as there’s no place wherein you can see all files at one place. The only way to transfer the media files from and to, is only via i Tunes which was originally designed to sync music with an i Pod.

Drop Box
Drop Box is a cloud based file synchronization client which almost solves the file handling issues. Drop Box is a subscription based service which provides online storage up to a whopping 100GB and this also manages the file synchronization among different media devices. This is also available for free but the capacity is limited to 2GB. The all new drop box comes with a clean User Interface re-design with numerous visual enhancements including retina display support, File caching (no need to re-download files you’ve already viewed! Plus also you can now Full screen landscape files on iPad.
This drop box software uploads the files more often which are put in sync folder to a mirror folder which is located at the Drop box’s site so that files on the device and on the mirror folder are the same.

The main problem with the Drop box is that if we designate a folder to sync then it will sync full data in it but to overcome this Cobian software has come up with Cobian Backup software which will ensure that only selected format files like docx, doc, pdf or other specified files from the sync folder to the Drop box’s sync folder.

Dropbox for ipad

Quick Office Connect
With Quick office connect from Open Office, you can Manage and Transfer Files via Wi Fi or even via i Tunes using USB. You can add the repositories just with an ease of tapping the plus “+” button which is located at the bottom left of the home window. When tapped on that button, a new window pops up which will display the supported services, select the one you want and enter the login credentials after which a window on the left hand side of the home screen you will find the list. Once done, Quick office automatically logs in over the internet and it shows a list of files and folders.

The best part of Quick office connect is that it supports online file storage and file sharing clients like box.net, Drop box and also Mobile Me from Apple itself. With quick office connect, you can access all in a centralized manner. This viewer is also compatible with MS Word, Excel, power point and can display PDF, i Work and also image files in PNG, JPG, GIF, GIF and SVG formats. Though a full featured word processor is not built in but one can edit MS Word and power point files.

The interface of the Quick office connect is bit simple and powerful with easy to use features and good compatibility with other clients. This Quick office connect suite comes with a price tag of around 10$.

Quickoffice for ipad 1

File Browser

File Browser is just like having Windows Explorer or Mac Finder on your iPad to access, copy and stream files from remote computers including Windows, Mac, and Network (NAS) drives. It really feels like a breeze using this as the user interface is just awesome yet simple. It almost excludes all the shortcomings of transferring mechanisms including the big one of transferring files wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

With well placement of various shortcut keys on the home screen itself makes this User Interface, one of the simplest. File Browser lets you connect to a computer – either over a local Wi-Fi network or through a VPN over the public Internet. It also provides access and import files from any folder for which you have the appropriate permissions.

iPad and Windows 7 come with everything you need to set up a VPN connection. It just takes a bit of time with no difficulty in setting up a link from iPad to PC using the detailed instruction sets. File browser shares functionality with both quick office connect and also with the drop box. What’s the catch is that you can even preview various format supports like Word, Excel, Power point, PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, HTML with just an ease of a click. When clicked, a file name pops up with many options like rename, delete, e-mail the attachment, copy to another local folder, preview. The shortcoming which comes with the file browser is that it doesn’t come with the editing capabilities which might irk a bit.

One really fantastic feature this file browser comes up with is that you can stream media files from a hard drive to an iPad over the local network or also on wide area network.

filebrowser for ipad

After reviewing all of the three third party soft wares, the one which made me happy was Quick office connect suite from Open Office as this not only provides better flexibility but also offers many more functionalities in a much more cost effective manner. But the one which pleased me with the user interface is got to be the file browser as this User Interface more looks like an improved version of windows explorer of windows or finder of MAC.

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