Increase WiFi SpeedProblem : I have a 10/100Mbps wireless internet router at my home office which i use to access the Internet on my Apple iPad, Laptop & iPhone. The problem is that when i try to download a file from the Internet which say is around 1Gb in size, it takes more than 2 days time to get this done even though i have a 512kbps internet connection. Are there any other reasons which may be making the connection slow or is the ISP scamming me by charging high and offering very less connection speed?

Solution : The wireless internet routers dont offer the same amount of data transfer speeds when compared with the lined connections because there would be interference and also slow signal issues. In order to find this out you need to proceed step by step in finding out the correct problem.

First lets make sure that the wifi router is secured with WPA WEP Key because its important that the connection is available only to you and your devices where you need to authenticate and use the connection. You need to find out all the Wifi theifs who use the Internet connection for which you are paying the monthly fees. If there are multiple users to the same connection who share using the WiFi hotspot option, obviously the speed would go down and you will need more time to download the same file on your laptop.

The best suggestion would be to make sure that the ‘Ideal Conditions’ are in place which means that the Router, laptop and wifi range extender if any should be placed at the right place to make sure that the signals are strong enough to not get any data loss in dropped packets or errors. Also make sure that you have a very strong Antivirus and Antispyware software installed on your computer because if there is any trojan, virus, malware kind of stuff, then it would be using your Internet for getting their tasks done and also distributing the same virus in your network making the connection slower.

Now let me make you understand the download speeds and calculations for the same. When the ISP is offering you a 512kbps speed package this would mean that if you are downloading a file from a high speed server, then the maximum download speed would be of 512/8 = 64kbps and practically the connection would be shared by some hidden programs in your computer which would be decreasing the average download speed. Hence you can expect something in the range of 50-60kbps. The hidden or active software’s which may be using your connection would be the browser, instant messenger, software updates, windows updates etc all of which keep connecting to the internet for a new alert, update, notification etc and make the overall connection slower.

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