Normally when you click on a PDF link on a website URL the browser instantly gets struck because the adobe acrobat based PDF file first tries to start the acrobat application and then load the PDF pages in the browser, which can sometimes make you hang the firefox browser and restart it losing all your important data / open webpage URL’s.

PDF Download Firefox Add-on

To handle this situation you can install a firefox Add-on which will give you options to either open the PDF file in the browser or save the file to your local disk. Firefox has already been downloaded more than 470000000+ times and you can guess how many people would be facing this browser hanging problem and this Add-On can help out everyone. This Add-On checks the target links whenever you click whether they are PDF format or not and shows a dialog box in order to continue as shown in the below screenshot.

Download Link to Firefox Add-on

PDF Download Preview Image

Control PDF files in Firefox :
Stop PDF files crashing your browser.
Stop PDF files taking forever to open.
Make PDF files download like other files in Firefox.

When you click on a PDF file on the web, PDF Download notices and (depending on your settings) will do things like:
Ask you what you want to do with the file.
Convert the PDF to HTML automatically.
Download the PDF automatically.
Open the PDF in the browser automatically.

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