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Are your looking to keep yourself updated in the SEO Industry? Then its time for you to subscribe to some SEO Related magazines. I had recently paid for a yearly membership plan of Search Marketing Standard Magazine which costed me around 20$ [750Rs INR] for 4 issues sent over a years time and i also added up some previous issues of this magazine so i can stay updated with some older information and get to know more about their issues.

Search Marketing Standard MagazineSearch Marketing Standard MagazineSearch Marketing Standard MagazineSearch Marketing Standard Magazine

I recieved the following email after singingup for the subscription :

My name is Boris Mordkovich and I’m the Publisher of the Search Marketing Standard. On behalf of our entire staff, I would like to thank you for subscribing to our magazine. Being the first and only publication in this space, we have a high benchmark to strive for and hope that we will meet and exceed all of your expectations.

Overall the magazine is good but the only problem is that their information is quite old and their blog which i previously added to my feeds was a bit boring with quite useless posts and rarely updated even though it seemed that a team of bloggers were blogging on that blog.

Domainers Magazine

Other magazines which i have subscribed [Hard Copies] are : SEO Book printed version, domainers magazine, revenue magazine which is affiliate oriented. These magazines cover PPC advertising, search engine optimization, web analytics, click fraud, local and contextual search, and other search-related topics.

  1. Subscribe to Search Marketing Standard Magazine : Coupon : 67SEG 4 issues for $4.95
  2. Free Subscription to Search Marketing Standard Magazine : Free Coupon for 1&1 Affiliates & Customers – International subscribers can get 33% off our regular rates by using coupon code: INT33
  3. Free Signup to RevenueToday Magazine : FREE
  4. Subscribe to Practical eCommerce Magazine : FREE 6 Months

Do let me know if you find any other free magazines or discount coupons because i would love to subscribe to them.

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  1. Nice interesting post, everytime I use to bypass such magazine subscriptions, thinking that they might be useless, but now I think there is something worth the price :)

  2. Aditya Shirodkar says:

    “Subscribe to Search Marketing Standard Magazine : Coupon : 67SEG 4 issues for $4.95″

    I tried this one but it said Discount code incorrect :(

  3. I was subscribing to Search Marketing Standard.. It seems only for USA as states are of USA only and if i leave it blank then it doesnt take up the order :(
    Revenue today also doesnt give any free hard copy for other countries other than US
    & Practical eCommerce also the same only for USA address the hard copy is FREE :(
    But though i have ordered free email copy :)

  4. amitbhawani says:

    Abhishek : I do get a copy of the magazine via courier in India.

  5. Hi … My name is Frances Krug and I’m an Associate Editor with Search Marketing Magazine. Thanks for the mention – our Fall 2007 issue’s cover story was on International Search Markets. Although we do plan to continue including some international content in future issues, I’m sure you understand that since most of our subscribers are from the US, we have to keep that in mind when planning articles.

    My apologies, Abhishek and Aditya, if you had difficulties subscribing. To set up an international subscription, please choose the “I live outside the United States” option in Step 1 (the bottom radio button option) and then you should get options for countries outside the US. Also, the coupon code you used is for a promotion that expired at the end of 2007, so that is why the code isn’t working any longer.

    Please contact me directly at if you have any more questions or if I can help you with a subscription.

    Thanks again for the mention and I hope you continue to enjoy the publication. I will certainly pass your comments along to the rest of the editorial team!

  6. movies in Bangalore says:

    I too tried “Search Marketing Standard” but faced same problem :(

    Hey Amit can you please tell what you did to receive their free copy?

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