We had recently written a article on the Software which Samsung offers to their customers in order to connect their devices with the computers. The software called as Samsung Kies is a excellent application which makes your data transfer and sync a very easy job. To get started connect the Samsung Galaxy S device with your computer and the software will detect the same and display it in the Interface.

Connecting Samsung Galaxy S

Once the device is found and set by the software it will be displayed as a Icon on the Top right section of the Kies Application. Double click on the Icon and you will get a list of options rolled towards the left side with a option of ‘Multimedia’ which once you click will show a sub option of ‘Save to PC’.

Samsung Galaxy S Multimedia Sync

Next you will shown with the list of options where the multimedia data would be stored in your computer. This is limited to the storage of Music, Photos & Videos. By default these files are stored in the different documents folders and you can change these locations to your choice ones.

Samsung GT i9000 Contents

Once you click on next, all the Music, Photos & Videos data which is stored or recorded in your device would be transferred to your computer in the above mentioned locations.

Samsung Galaxy S Data Transfer

Once the complete data is transferred to your computer you would get a report for the same along with the total number of files transferred in each category.

In order to make changes, delete or edit files or applications in the device you will have to click on the Device Icon which will open the Device Explorer. Here in there would be different folders and the data space usage details listed as shown below.

Device Explorer GT i9000 Samsung

In order to find out all the Music, Photos and Videos which are stored in the Internet Memory of 16Gb you will have click on the DCIM Folder > Camera > where all the files are stored. By default the videos are stored in .3gp file format which is a compressed video format and something which is not recommended if you would like to capture high quality videos. A very simple way to sync, transfer and backup your personal files to your computer and this is all possible because of the Kies Application.

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