Question : What is the best ‘virtual makeover’ site for seeing what hair colors suit you? I do not want to use image manipulation, I am looking for a site like Daily Makeover.

Answer : There are many different services and software’s available online which can help you in creating different makeovers based on specific photos and implementing different templates on the same. One of the best of all these is the service from which is a Online Makeover service allowing you to easily get true-to-life makeup eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick etc.

Taaz MakeOver Tool

In order to get started you will be asked to upload your photo from your local drive which would be used to try out with new hairstyles or else select a model photo from the gallery listed on the website. Since we were going to give you a example, we went ahead selecting a model’s photo which was totally simple and went ahead with the same.

Next a list of options in the type of a wizard would be shown to you, which have to be implemented in a step by step manner. This means that you need to click on the options and then proceed with the adjustment options. This would implement the effects right away on the models photo and you would get the effects instantly.

Virtual Makeup Options

You can find below that with a click of a button we were able to change the hair styles of the selected model and the same were implemented instantly right before you. We have made a small demo video which can give you more idea on how to use these options and try out different hair styles, lipstick colors, lip-gloss, lip-liners, Plump Lips, Whiten Teeth etc options.

Taaz – Give yourself a free online makeover. Be your own hair stylist – try hundreds of virtual hairstyles including celebrity hairstyles. Be your own makeup artist – try on thousands of cosmetics products.

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