android tethering logoWe always want out Smart phones to be really smart, probably we would like to turn into smartest phones and which can be done by using some smart applications. So today let’s check out some cool and smart ways on how you can get rid of highly priced tethering or even operator support for tethering. So, let’s check out the 5 top most applications which would help you tether your device so that you can make the most of your Internet.

Have you heard about PDA Net, if not then this tethering tool is almost there for all platforms. This tool allows you to use smart phone’s data connection which is generally 3G data or even GPRS on your laptop or computer via USB cable or Bluetooth. Not to worry these techniques doesn’t want you to root your device. You can check out on how can set up and configure PDA Net on your Android device and on your Laptop or computer. This app is not free but before you make your mind to purchase this you can trial this tool as it costs around 25$.


Android tether
Android tether is again a great tool with which you can tether your device but in this case the software needs to be installed on both the devices on Android smart phone as well as on the computer. This will enable tethering only via USB and not via Bluetooth. Though, the trial version is free but the full version will cost you around 13$. The main USP of this tool is this app has a very simple and easy to use interface.

android tether

Easy Tether
If you ask me what tethering tool is perfect in terms of cost and value then its Easy tether application which serves the purpose of tethering as it just costs just less than 10$. You can tether via USB but soon the Bluetooth tether option too will come very soon. Though the demo version is free, as told paid version is not that costly too if compared with what various operators charge for tethering. Also this app has a free lifetime upgrade option.

Easy tether

Tether for Android
Wish it was as simple as it sounds, Tether for Android. This tool too does the same but this provides blazing high speeds of up to 7Mbps which is mere perfect for a high end user. Tethering works via USB and can tether to Mac or Windows based computers. A free trial app is available but a full version will cost you just less than 30$ with a 30 days money back guarantee. The interface if compared to others is bit complex.

tether for android

Barnacle WiFi tether
Another WiFi tethering tool which is called as Barnacle WiFi tethering tool turns your Android device into a portable WiFi hot spot so that other WiFi enabled devices like Laptop or PC or even your gaming consoles like XBOX 360 can make use of your data connection of Android smart phone. Though this one is a free application, you need to root your Android smart phone to use this application. This application also supports WEP encryption techniques.

barnacle wifi tether

So these are the five different tethering tools for your Android devices. Do leave us with a comment on which one you tried and which one is your favorite.

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