The Hyderabad Mirror

A new newspaper agency is going to be launched soon which is going to be given a name of The Hyderabad Mirror which includes a offline newspaper , news magazine and online website where the quickest news will be posted and they cliam they wont have any Fake news as per the caption announced while advertising their new brand.Lets see how much truth this new newspaper paper agency would publish.

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  1. Abhishek Daaga says:

    nice news…. but some error…. the news agency which will launch HYD MIRROR is not a new agency it is from the LEGEND THE TIMES OF INDIA …. & it will be a HUGEEE HIT for sure…. as they r giving intro offer as Re:1/- for 40pages & the quality of news is really awesome… but it has a lot of advertisements…….but that doesnt really affect the news…. & the presentation…

  2. hi
    any idea who publishes this hyderbad mirror or who is the owner,,,where can i get a copy of it in hyderabad city,,,thanks,,nimish

  3. Bhushan Gandhi says:


  4. this is one pathetic newspaper. this doesnt belong to TOI. frankly money isnt an issue in news paper as there is only 1 rupee difference between hyderabad mirror and eenadu. The content in hyderabad mirror is useless and of low quality. It wd be better if pblishers stop publishing this

  5. amitbhawani says:

    Veni Vedi seems that you are very much angry with the Hyderabad Mirror team for some low quality news.

  6. rashmi dubey says:

    coming to the point iwas in a hurry and asked the shopkeeper whatpaper is left to look into movies playing arond &he gave me this paper thinking it to be a eng paper as the name goes ibought it,later i gave it to one of my telugu freind,she just told me one line if you want to cut our friendship you can tell me directly pls don’t get such 3rd class stuff again.
    why don’t you people stop publishing it,you r just wasting paper which can be used by better publishers.

  7. Sir, At Patancheru there is one burning issue of TOLL PLAZA installed in the middle of the town for which various organisations resorted into a relay hunger strike for the last 8 days but your reporter here is not at all giving importance and no item has published in your editions till date. Kindly give importance to the public movements but not only to the political movements.

  8. Hyderabad Mirror its a very good news paper, but when we talk workers its very bad. Hyderabad Mirror newer gives salary at the right time for working people and that’s a big reason to not growing the paper in circulation. that’s why i am not give VOTE UP.

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