Samsung Galaxy SSamsung Galaxy S is power-packed with AMOLED screen and multiple applications, the camera and the huge interface surely speaks of eating up a lot of battery when you want to get the fullest use out of it. And you can’t blame the phone for draining the battery fast, as you can control it by few easy settings and steps that would reduce the draining of battery, and extend the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone. The 1500mAh battery provided by Samsung is good enough for just a normal use of a day, but I liked the way Galaxy shows the availability of battery for various functions. It restricts you to use certain applications and functions when the battery is low. Still, no one would appreciate when the battery keeps getting drained in these smartphones.

Here are the things you need to do –

  • Play with the brightness
    While you are at home, not trying to be geeky, just try to limit the brightness to a lower level which doesn’t use up much battery. The default setting that Samsung Galaxy S comes is the automatic brightness setting, with which the brightness of the screen becomes in accordance to the surrounding brightness. But that would keep the sensor on, and one of the reasons to eat up battery. Go to Applications > Settings > Sound and Display > in the bottom go to the Brightness setting and uncheck the option “Automatic brightness”, and then set the brightness to a low level.
    Samsung Galaxy S Display Brightness
  • Timeout of the screen
    This is a setting which turns off the screen display when the phone is idle, and you are not touching the screen. When you are not using the phone, what’s the use of having the screen active for long? Go to the same settings as above step, and just below the brightness, there is an option of “Screen Timeout” where you can set the time of screen turning off in just 15 seconds when it is idle.
  • Flight Mode
    This is a mode where the phone is stagnant, with no connection with the network or any other sources. It doesn’t eat up the battery, as the phone is almost switched off without any network. Flight mode isn’t just when you are on a flight (as the name says), but you can activate it when you are traveling or need no use of the phone and don’t want to receive any calls, or stopped using the internet.
    You can activate this flight mode by holding the power button on the right side of the device, until a list of options appear on the screen, and then select the “Flight Mode”. This will activate the flight mode, and all the network connections will be lost. You can rather choose to have the network on, but other connections like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. off. To quit Flight mode, just repeat the earlier process and you can activate the network connection.
  • Restrict network to 2G
    Usually any 3G phone does the same, they try to use the 3G network for the web connectivity, but connecting to the 3G networks is different from the normal 2G ones, and it uses more battery. When you feel like not having a need of 3G when you are not into a browsing mode.
    To do this, press Menu button > Settings > Wireless and network > Mobile networks and in this, select the “Use only 2G networks” option, where the connectivity gets limited to the one you need.
  • Vibration – Haptic feedback
    Haptic feedback is the touch response which comes as a small vibration whenever you touch the screen, which is totally unnecessary except for when you really want to know whether you are using the touchscreen rightly. I would suggest to just shut that option off. Set the Haptic feedback off, as it can reduce some battery usage.
  • Accounts syncing and background data
    Syncing the accounts online with google is always on in Galaxy, and you are always kept connected to the network for this. This keeps running in the background, and the data transfer thus keeps working. This is one of the main reasons for the battery draining faster. I would suggest to just sync the phone with the Google services once every day, rather than keep it synced all the day.
    For that, go to the Menu button > Settings > Accounts and Sync.
    There you would see 2 options – Background Data, and Auto-Sync. Uncheck both of them, and you will see the phone itself boasting about battery life extending because of the disabled background data.
  • GPS Settings
    GPS drains battery, and that’s a universal fact. When not in use, try to disable it. Just tap the top menu bar and drag it down, and hit the GPS option to turn it off if its on. Turn on the GPS and location service only when you feel the need of using it.
  • Power Saving Mode
    There is an option power saving mode that comes by default in most of the Galaxy mobiles. If it hasn’t come activated in yours, do it and the phone will automatically start functioning on the ways to save more battery. It would work in the same way as laptops do when not connected to a power charger. To activate the power saving mode –
    Open Applications > Settings > Sound and Display and there select the “Power Saving Mode” which analyzes images and also adjusts LCD brightness to save the battery.
  • Audible touch tones
    The audible touch tones are activated just like the Haptic feedback, which can be disabled to reduce the battery usage. You can do that by going to Settings > Sound and Ringtones > Turn off Audible tones.
    Samsung Galaxy S Touch Tones

The above tips would help save battery, but would also make your phone less geeky for sure. But, sometimes its good to think about the former, while you are in need of longer running battery etc. like during travel.

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