Chevron WP7 LogoJust like any other market place, Windows Market Place is a one stop official apps repository where apps can be searched, downloaded as well as installed onto the Windows Phone 7 mobile phone. As this Windows Mobile device is a locked device with which you cannot install apps from other means or from other source.

So does the Jail breaking arrives so that you can install the apps by bypassing Windows Market Place and can directly side load or even install the third party apps directly into your Windows Phone 7 device.

The tool which is called as Chevron WP7 allows the Windows Phone 7 users to load apps directly from the PC or even can directly side load in Windows Phone 7 device by bypassing with which you can very effectively unlock and jail break the WP7 Market place so that apps from third party source, unapproved, unauthorized, illegal, custom or even one can install home brew apps through computer with the help of USB Sync cable.

Chevron wp7 tool

Basically what hack turns the Windows 7 phone is it converts the phone into a developer’s phone without you needing to have a developer account. But the XAP Packages of Market Place apps are protected which cannot be side loaded. The unlocking of the WP7 device allows the side loading by which you can load the apps which are either not published in the Market Place or are private or having native APIs.

The Chevron WP7 software tool runs on the Windows based PCs which are powered with Windows XP SP2or even it supports the latest Windows 7 series of operating systems. So to unlock your Windows Phone 7 device, all you need to do is to just download and install Chevron WP 7 so that you can install apps within few clicks with the help of USB Cable.

Chevron WP7 is completely safe as the hack can be completely reversed at any point of time and also app can re lock the phone as it was before installing Chevron WP 7. You can download Chevron WP7 software tool easily.

If you experience any sort of trouble or for any further guidance or even for checking the latest versions from the current v 1.0. You can refer to a complete guide on How to Unlock Windows Phone 7 with Chevron WP7 tool.

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