From the past few years we have seen that the usage of the Internet through Smart Phones have increased tremendously, thanks to the innovations by the phone manufacturers which are certainly offering productive devices to the consumers. This is one of the main reasons why the users have started using Mobile Phones as one of their primary devices to access the information. Based on this usage and the statistics from statcounter, we have found some useful insights embedded below.

Mobile OS Report

You can clearly see that the Android Operating System is leading the whole chart with the numbers going up from the past 12 months and has even crossed the number of iOS users. Along with this the major decline is seen in the Symbian OS where the users have dropped to almost 50% within six months, which is alarming.

The major rise has been in the Series 40 OS which is not surprising because Nokia has sold more than 1.5B of these in the last year and has been launching newer models like the Asha Series to ensure that the sales keep going. We expect that by the year end Series 40 would be standing head to head with iOS and Android. The only issue with Series 40 is that these are very low priced budget phones where the profits are very less to the manufacturer but they would still bring in huge turnovers.

Another major decline has been seen by the Blackberry OS which has seen a declines from 13% market share to 5% now which is again a huge downfall and thanks to their less innovative products, we expect this to continue.

PS : What is your favorite OS from the above chart? Which OS would be in the Top by next year?

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