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There is always a chance that you will forget the website you visited a hour back and which is the reason the browsers are integrated with a bookmarks feature, which help you to bookmark the website, so you can visit them later anytime, but what is the case when you are on a public computer or a computer which is shared with others?

Bookmarking a PageHere comes the scenario where in you can use the online social bookmarking websites like etc which bookmark your websites and are saved in your person accounts which other members can also view. The more a website is bookmarked , the more better ranking/authority it gets in the eyes of the search engine because they think that this website is more important.

Here is a big list of Social bookmarking websites which can help you to bookmark all your favourite websites which i have found from All these websites have are running of different social bookmarking scripts hence you need to research on them for sometime to understand how they work.

  1. Shake Now Beta
  2. 30daytags
  3. BlinkBits
  4. BlogHop
  5. BlogLot
  6. BlogMarks
  7. BlogMemes
  8. BlogPulse
  9. BmAccess
  10. browsr
  11. Fark
  12. CiteULike
  13. clipclip
  14. clipmarks
  15. Complore
  16. Connectedy
  17. Connotea
  20. digg
  21. diigo
  22. fantacular
  23. Feedmarker
  24. Feed Me Links
  25. Furl
  26. Gibeo
  27. GoKoDo
  28. Google Notebook
  29. IceRocket
  30. Kaboodle
  31. linkaGoGo
  33. linkroll
  34. Listible
  35. Lookmarks
  37. ma.gnolia
  38. My Link Vault
  39. Netvouz
  40. Newsvine
  41. Now Public
  42. openBM
  43. Pop URL’s
  44. RawSugar
  45. reddit
  46. Rojo
  47. Rollyo
  48. Scuttle
  49. Shadows
  50. Shoutwire
  51. Simpy
  52. Sitetagger
  53. Smarking
  54. SpotBack
  55. Spurl
  56. StumbleUpon
  57. taghop
  58. TailRank
  59. Ticklr
  60. Uvouch
  61. unalog
  62. Webride
  63. Yahoo My Web 2.0
  64. yoonoo

Do let me know if i missed adding any social bookmarking website in the above list, and report it in case if its a broken link.
Hope ithelps you our in bookmarking/tagging your favourite websites.

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  1. Thanks for sharing social bookmarking list. Nice List…

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  4. Great bookmark list… Thanks for sharing it

  5. Heating NYC says:

    thanks for sharing the list. The list of social bookmarks is growing more and more. I think that is good, so there are so much possibilities to get a backlink for a website. The problem might be that the link has not much value like one or two years ago.

  6. Very useful list ,,its enough for me..thanx for sharing….

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  8. Great bookmark list… Thanks for sharing it

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