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Backlinks Tracker

Backlinks Tracker

I keep checking my backlinks regularly to make sure that iam updated with who links to my blog articles and why, because it can sometimes help me with the online reputation management too. Now given that wordpress backend does report you whenever there is a ping back to your website but do you really think its useful? Well its not because it just shows links which were tracked by technorati and we need to still rely on 3rd party tools which can sometimes give you almost real time stats on the incoming links. Here are a few ways which can give you a idea on how to find all the backlinks to your blog either be it links from the splogs or else from quality networks.

Before getting into this you need to understand that Backlinks are really important for your website’s ranking and if you gain high quality backlinks your website or blog would rank really great in the Search Engines, giving you huge visitors for free. There are some search parameters which can help you in directly searching from the search engines for the backlinks report.

  1. Google : While searching in Google would not be a good idea because it reports just 1-5% of the total backlinks directly but still this can help you in finding some backlinks which other sites wont report you. For this you need to Google search for [link:www.amitbhawani.com] replace amitbhawani.com with your site name and you will get a list of backlinks.
  2. Yahoo : Next you can do the same stuff with Yahoo Search engine and this would be a really recommended option because it reports almost 95% of the Backlinks which other tools wont show you. It also reports you the total number of pages indexed in the Yahoo.com. The backlinks tracker by yahoo is quite good because it gives you a complete report with the links being updated in almost real time. Just enter [linkdomain:www.amitbhawani.com] in the Yahoo Search Box.
    Yahoo Backlinks Report

    Yahoo Backlinks Report

  3. Google Webmaster Tools : If you are not satisfied with the 1st option recommended here ie via the Google Search then you should login and verify your website in the Google Webmasters Tools section and then start checking the links section within it. You need to click on the ‘Links to your site’ option and then click on your website URL on the right panel which will give you a complete list of URL along with the date when the backlinks were found. This tool report 40-50% of the total links which Yahoo reported.
    Backlinks Webmaster Tools

    Backlinks Webmaster Tools

  4. Technorati : The blog tracker by technorati is another nice tool which would report all the backlinks built for any web blog. Though its recommended to claim your blog first by entering your logins and then proceeding with the tracker because it gives you a permanent link for your backlinks section under the name of reactions like http://technorati.com/blogs/amitbhawani.com?reactions , this can be helpful when you are finding the total backlinks for your blog.
  5. Seomoz Linkscape : The Linkscape tool offered by seomoz is quite good because its first scans your website and offers you with ultimate information. The service is offered in 2 modes ie free & paid and you can still try out the basic free service for getting decent information. You get a rank of your website called as the mozRank which is a ranking developed by seomoz service rating your website on a scale of 0-10 and also reports you the Links to your web page and the total root domains which link to your website.
    MozRank Website

    MozRank Website

  6. Page Inlink Analyzer : This quite simple tool which just asks you for your website URL to analyze gives you a excellent report. The moment you start the analyze tool it starts crawling your website and gives you a complete report which is seriously awesome. It gives you a list of all the inbound links to your website along with all the incoming link Title, URL, inlinks to the page which links to you, inlinks to the domain which links back to you, delicious bookmarks to those specific pages & tags. Now you would get confused why this tool gives you complete information on the links which are pointing to your website, but this helpful because you can know which of your backlinks are most powerful ones and are going to help you in your search engine rankings.
    Page Inlink Analyzer

    Page Inlink Analyzer

  7. Website Grader : The final tool which is recommended here is the Website Grader by Hubspot which asks you for your website URL and your email after which your website is diagnosized and you will get a complete report in your email in a few minutes along with a copy of the report on your browser itself. This tool rates your website on a scale of 1-100 and the algorithm calculates your website’s marketing effectiveness out of all the different websites. The tool measures your websites ranking based on 50 different variables which ranges from search engine data, website structure, traffic measures, site performance, On-Page SEO, Domain Name Age, Google Page Rank, Google Indexed Pages, Last Crawl Gate, Social Mediasphere etc.
    Website Grader SEO Tool Report

    Website Grader SEO Tool Report

I hope the above listed all options would be helpful to you in tracking down all the links which link back to your website and you can even setup alerts to know whenever someone links to your blog. We still would have left many tools which can help you analyze your backlinks though if you feel we are missing any seriously awesome tools then free feel to suggest them below.

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  1. RahulBuzz says:

    Hi amit, I think page link analyzer is good option for detailed report.
    also, I got 92 grades in page grader. I don’t believe it. This gives bit more detailed report about every thing.

  2. Indian Share Tips says:

    It is a great compilation of backlink tools and all webmasters must use it atleast for mental satisfaction. Regards

  3. Pavan Somu says:

    nice list of sites to track links… thanks for introducing the list amit

  4. Rajesh Merchandani says:

    Another good way to check backlinks is by registering for BING Webmaster Tools. I’m still studying how it differe from Google webmaster tools, but I’ve found out already that it shows different links – which is what you want ;-)

  5. while going through those tools ..
    6th. Page Inlink Analyzer :- the link is not working i guess, plz check it once

  6. Great list! I use Google Alerts to track incoming links and mentions of my blog. There is a RSS feature, too.

  7. nice post. Do you suppose I can use a software or something? Also have u tried linkvelocity? Ne help?

  8. sunu mariam says:

    Thank you for such a detailed list. I am just starting to build links for my website and this article is what I need to help me track my inbound links.

  9. Marshall says:

    Worth a try

  10. Hi friend, I am happy to see your article. It is fine.

    I will be thankful to u if u could furnish some of the sites used as track backlinks to any site as I wish to link with those sites to get more traffic.

    Thank u

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